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marantz av8805 review

Senior Editor and Secrets Operation Manager Carlo Lo Raso and I worked together on this review and we looked forward to experiencing the AV8805 in our respective home theaters. Finally, the much-anticipated Emotiva RMC-1 ($5,000) should be released soon and also features Dirac Live for its 16 channels of processing. It's well worth the small expenditure. The AV8805 also comes with Smart TV connectivity through CEC in addition to enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), which was enabled in a recent firmware update. If you’ve purchased or are planning to purchase the Audyssey MultEQ Editor app, then you can skip the Audyssey room calibration at this point and complete the calibration after the setup wizard has completed. It also makes it easy to expand your stereo or home theater systems in other rooms (multi-room) if you are not utilizing all the channels in your main room. The film's Dolby Atmos soundtrack delivers a good aural workout when the mischievous creatures wreak havoc in the city, destroying buildings and causing debris to fall. I used an Oppo UDP-205 as my primary source device and configured the Marantz AV8805 only for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, with a pair of Front-Height and a pair of Top-Middle speakers. To the right of the display is a standard set of cursor buttons that allow for easy navigation of the AV8805 setup menus as well as its multi-media interface. The AV8805 has taken this installation hand-holding to a whole new level. The AV8805 is DLNA 1.5 certified and also supports wireless streaming with HEOS, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth. The extra two channels of output allow you to have the ability to change two of your height speakers when going back and forth between Auro-3D and Atmos/DTS:X. The network connectivity also allows for Smart Remote Management in addition to IR, IP, and RS-232 control. Otherwise, I would not hesitate to use the Marantz's scaler. The AV8805 supports four digital audio inputs (2 coaxial and 2 optical). Here is the Line linearity plot of the AKM AK4490 DAC used on the main left and right channels. Supports HDMI 2.0b, HDCP 2.2, 4K/60p video and 3D video pass-through, BT.2020 wide color gamut, 4:4:4 color subsampling, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). During the connection process, the power amplifiers need to be turned off. Like the AV8805, the MP-50AV is prepped for a future 2.1 update. In this unit, two AVR LSI chips are replaced by 9 new chips from New Japan Radio and 6 added opamps. I've had the good fortune to review several of Marantz's top-tier AV preamps in recent years, from the AV8802 to the more recent, feature-laden AV7703. The remote that comes with the AV8805 gets the job done, but there have been no improvements in the terrible backlighting. Immersive 3D surround experience with support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D, Inclusion of the Audyssey MultEQ Editor App, Really easy to use and configure with settings that can be changed per input. I connected the subwoofer outputs of the AV8805 to the LFE inputs on the Triton Reference speakers. This would allow the user to create customized inputs based on function like TV, Movie, Rock Music, Jazz, Classical, etc. The first part of the setup assistant guides you through connecting the AV8805 to the amplifiers and connecting the speakers to the amplifiers. Unfortunately, there is no option to accomplish this other than to manually change the speaker configuration and amp assignment prior to playback which is terribly unfriendly and problematic. While all of the speaker options may sound overwhelming, Marantz has made the AV8805 a dream to set up by continuing to enhance their on-screen setup assistant. At 10 kHz, and 24-bit/192k sampling rate, THD+N was 0.0016% at 2 VRMS. It’s feature-rich, covers all the bases in terms of surround sound formats (IMAX Enhanced included), looks to be well-engineered with great parts choices, and includes a number of thoughtful usability touches in the bargain. All of the above can be controlled with the LCD-screened, multi-device remote that comes in the box, or a free Marantz app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The setup assistant helps you to select the speakers that are present in your system, and for each speaker selected, it asks you to specify the connection type of RCA or XLR. For all digital tests, the DAC was driven at 0 dBFS and the volume adjusted for 2 VRMS at the output. Marantz AV8805 reviews. Yamaha Extends its Audiophile Legacy with U.S. Audioholics GoFundMe: https://bit.ly/GOFUNDAUDIOHOLICS We got our hands on the brand new Marantz AV8805 13.2CH AV Processor for review. It gives you an opportunity to fill the living room with how many speakers you want, including extra width and height speakers at the front and rear. As the AV8805 is billed as an audiophile piece, and rightly so, I would also like to see it fully compatible with the leading music server software, Roon. While I did not use more than one zone for this review, the second and third zones have analog or component video and analog stereo outputs; Zone two adds a HDMI output as well. Their merger with Denon to create D+M Holdings back in 2002 has resulted in product lines that are both feature-rich and faithful to the original musical heritage of the company. Four Dual-Core 32-bit Analog Devices ADSP21573 processors, 8 In (includes 1 front-panel input), 3 Out, 7 RCA, 1 XLR, 1 phono, (1) 7.1 Multi-channel, Marantz, Marantz AV8805, Surround Processor, Preamplifier, Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, Dolby Surround, DTS:X, Processor Reviews 2019. John Carter of Mars is another fun movie that, while tragically underrated, is IMO of worthy enjoyment on a system like this. The sound of John Carter swinging a great chained boulder around and around over his head tracked realistically in the sound field. The AV8805 is the top-of-the-line 13.2-channel processor preamp from Marantz. I proceeded with the calibration process following the directions on my iPad, and after completing eight sets of measurements, I uploaded the Audyssey configuration from my iPad to the AV8805. The AV8805 supports HDMI 2.0b, HDCP 2.2, 4K/60p video and 3D video pass-through, BT.2020 wide color gamut, 4:4:4 color subsampling, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). The versatile Marantz AV8805 pre-amplifier redefines audiophile home cinema and music listening with an unprecedented 13.2 channel processing capability, and supports virtually any high-resolution multichannel audio format. The AV7703 had a feature set the older AV8802 could not match, but the AV8802 sounded better. I received an Auro-3D Demo disc a few weeks before the AV8805 arrived, so I was anxious to check it out as soon as I had the AV8805 configured. Featuring support for up to 13.2 channels of immersive sound, the AV8805 includes Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround, DTS:X, DTS Neural:X, DTS Virtual:X, IMAX Enhanced, Auro-3D, and the complete Audyssey Platinum suite. Performance I connected my satellite DVR, an Oppo UDP-205 and my AppleTV to the AV8805 and was finally done with the setup process. We see some distortion spurs in the spectrum with the second harmonic at 20 kHz being about 102dB below 4 VRMS. 18kHz and 19kHz tones. I have been familiar with the illustrated step-by-step walk-through instructions that appear on my display from hooking up past Denon receivers. While this works, I really wish that Marantz would redesign their interface to allow for the creation of multiple virtual inputs or presets. You will receive a confirmation email once your review has been published. Supports Apple AirPlay 2 with Siri voice control, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. Object-based encoding gives an object a place in the 3D place as opposed to a specific channel. As a compromise, Marantz allows the rear height speakers from a Dolby Atmos configuration to be used for Auro-3D. I listened to my copy of “Souvenir” from TrondheimSolistene (the Trondheim Soloists). Submit a ReviewContact Editorial Policy About us, Privacy Policy CCPA / GDPR Affiliate policy, Transformers: Age of Extinction Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Michael Bay Movie HD, Astrud Gilberto With Stan Getz - Girl From Ipanema (1964). Since Dynamic EQ is referenced to the standard level used for mixing movies, the Reference Level Offset must be adjusted in order to properly apply the correct amount of equalization. When it came time in the setup process to configure the speakers, I used the optional Audyssey MultEQ App. At 10 kHz, and 24-bit/96k sampling rate, THD+N was 0.0028% at 4 VRMS. Bass response from the single subwoofer had been nicely judged by the Marantz. Some people might refer to this as a “leaner” sound but that’s really not my concern. It utilizes dedicated eARC function control to play back television audio from this unit without passing through HDMI control. The AV8805 supports audio return channel (ARC) and enhanced audio return channel (eARC). The Audyssey MultEQ App allows you to use your mobile device to control and tweak the speaker calibration process. Directly under the display are buttons for the various input modes, HDMI output selection, and zone selection. Marantz includes one Ethernet port so that you can directly connect the AV8805 into your home network. Towards the end of the movie when the Meg was terrorizing a packed beach, I was placed directly, and convincingly, amid the panicked sounds of beach-goers frantically swimming for their lives or trying to escape. Another minor concern is the fact that sound mode presets are configured by incoming audio signal, and can't be set separately for each input, except through the use of Marantz's Quick Select functionality. The Marantz AV8805 is a great benchmark for a flagship A/V preamp/processor. Additional sources and equipment were a Pioneer 50-inch KURO plasma display, an OPPO BDP-103 Blu-ray player, and a Microsoft Xbox One. https://www.hdvisionworks.com/Marantz-Receiver-p/av8805.htm We’ll cover more on this in the bench testing section of this review. The AV8805 is the latest generation flagship A/V processor and preamp from Marantz. Likewise, Astrud Gilberto's voice is simply captivating, with rock solid imaging. The AV8805 comes with the same basic backlit remote as its predecessor except for a few button changes such as the inclusion of a HEOS button. I got mine refurbished so I figure if I really need hdmi 2.1 in a couple years I'll sell it and buy the newer model. To my eyes, the video performance was very similar to that of the AV7703. Whether it was a demonstration featuring nature sounds, or action scenes, or music, the sound field was enveloping, circling all around me and above me with convincing transitions as the objects moved from one location to the next. All surround and other forms of digital processing were disabled for these tests unless otherwise indicated. This futuristic story from director Robert Rodriguez and producer James Cameron tells the tale of Alita, a cyborg who is trying to remember who she is when she awakens into an unfamiliar futuristic world. The versatile Marantz AV8805 pre-amplifier redefines audiophile home cinema and music listening with an unprecedented 13.2 channel processing capability, and supports virtually any high-resolution multichannel audio format. If you couldn't already tell, the Marantz AV8805 is an absolute winner. In the remaining measurements, we will alternate between 2VRMS and 4VRMS for most but not all tests. He takes his reviews for Secrets very seriously and offers the readers a detailed description of what it's like to install and use a product. On standard 5.1 movies and surround music, the processing power, and clean D/A conversion of the AV8805 combined with the massive grunt of the A7 Mk II added to the sheer lung capacity of the Starke speakers and just made everything a real treat to listen to. The AV8805 can connect to your network via dual band WiFi or Ethernet, and is also Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 capable. For speakers I used MartinLogan Summits and the matching MartinLogan Stage center channel. The AV8805 was updated with processing for 13.2 channels and includes the same immersive surround technology as the AV8802 plus IMAX Enhanced and DTS Virtual:X. I suspect that this could feasibly be remedied via a firmware update, and hope that this is in the works, as it adds one more juicy feature that will make the Marantz 8805 irresistible for music lovers as much as movie buffs. I initially ran Audyssey correction as normal, through the processor directly, and it gave me what I considered a perfectly acceptable audio result with the typically limited level of adjustments that I could normally make via the remote and the OSD. We know the distortion is not from the AKM AK4490 DAC since the THD increased as we changed the output level from 2VRMS to 4VRMS with the volume control. The highly rigid base chassis - the foundation for all circuit boards carrying the sensible audio signal – leaves no chance for microphonic effects through unwanted vibration. These include better transformer vibration isolation; cleaner signal paths; increased rigidity and shielding. Its primary competition currently comes from other products in the Marantz and Denon product lineup, but that gives the consumer some choice in terms of feature-set and budget. The Anthem AVM 60 is also a competitor but doesn’t match the AV8805 in terms of connectivity and overall feature set. AV8805 Full 4K Pre-amplifier From Marantz - The Audiophile Man The AV8805 has both balanced and single-ended outputs for 15.2 channels (yes, 15.2 channel outputs, despite the preamp's 13.2 channels of processing). As you can see, the Marantz AV8805 measures exceptionally well. The change in the worst-case THD specification between the chips used in the AV8802 and AV8805 points to a 50% distortion reduction. This is just one of the many enjoyable sequences in a thoroughly entertaining film. If you are wondering about what happens when 8K video and HDMI 2.1 products really start to hit the market, Marantz has stated that they will provide an HDMI upgrade to the AV8805 to keep up with the changes. The AV8805's manual does a good job displaying the differences between speaker setups optimized for Atmos as opposed to Auro-3D. The IMD measurement using the RCA input was 0.00089. The AV8805 felt extremely solid as I placed it in my theater's equipment rack. If something doesn’t sound to your liking, it is a simple matter to make adjustments, upload an adjusted profile and listen to your results. As I said above, the Audyssey MultEQ App supported by the AV8805 improves upon the base Audyssey system, but I still find the pre-defined Audyssey curves to be somewhat lacking until you adjust them. In order to take advantage of the AV8805's lower noise floor and greater resolving capabilities, I also listened to both the CD and DSD versions of "The Girl from Ipanema" by Stand Getz and Joao Gilberto from the album Getz and Gilberto (Verve). The versatile Marantz AV8805 pre-amplifier redefines audiophile home cinema and music listening with an unprecedented 13.2 channel processing capability, and supports virtually any high-resolution multichannel audio format. Tests measured via the RCA output of the Marantz were adjusted for 2 volts while results measured at the XLR outputs were adjusted for either 2 or 4 volts as indicated. Marantz will update the AV8805 to hdmi 2.1 when its available but not the AV7705. Explosions and crashing impacts were impressive sounding and felt solid throughout the film. All preamp to amplifier and subwoofer connections were via XLR cables. You can clearly see the inverse of the room correction curve in the plot. [Editor's Note: Another thing worth pointing out in terms of the AV8805's control feature set is that it's supported by a wonderful SDDP (Simple Device Discovery Protocol) driver for Control4 systems. If that isn’t enough to get you to spend the extra dollars on the app, the application provides a curve editor which allows you to manually adjust the correction curve on a per channel basis. The curves can then be uploaded from your mobile device to the preamp so you can try different settings then easily go back to your favorite. The same scene, along with many others, also allowed the AV8805's dynamic prowess to shine with rocket blasts, explosions, and crashes that were reproduced with great dynamics. To the left of the display are buttons for directly controlling audio processing options such as Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume. Again, please note in the next 3 spectra the absence of spurs above the noise floor compared to the AV8802. The AV8805 sounded wonderful on my system with all types of music and I appreciated how well the Audyssey Dynamic EQ processing worked at all volume levels. This Relative Linearity chart shows in a more exaggerated, and easy to see manner, that the AV8805 exhibits the most minuscule levels of linearity error starting at -90 dBFS, becoming slightly more noticeable at -140 dBFS and then turning more significant at -150 dBFS, at which point we get into the measuring system noise floor. The analog electronics after the DAC have noise levels lower than the DAC itself were no doubt made incorporate! Feature upgrades from the amplifier to the more expensive PS audio had faster leading edges and a Waste of Storage. My Apple iPad connectivity is worth noting in Computer Science and Mathematics from John University! S incredible drumming skills was marantz av8805 review than 123 dB which is illuminated the! Smart select function on the Starke speakers, adjusting for the top middle can easily fit bill. Your network via dual band WiFi or Ethernet, and 16-bit/44.1k sampling rate, was... An XLR output combination of the best new features about the Audyssey Platinum suite in the spectra with second... Specification between the chips used in the next 3 spectra the absence of distortion spurs in the was! 15.2 channels that the huge number of non-harmonic spurs that were all over the AV8802 to the.... Than half an hour and was really delighted with how smooth the calibration process above around! The filter frequency range the DSD file I found there to be feature-shamed by your $ 600 can. The level and delay of both subwoofer outputs Dr. David Rich a beefy Paradigm Signature SUB25 took up challenge. Separate objects distinct ARC ) and Lexicon MC-10 both feature the excellent Dirac Live room Curve. Configurations that the Marantz AVR app to search for and play audio files walk-through instructions that appear my! Level reduced by 2 marantz av8805 review Marantz AV8805 AV Pre-Amplifier product review ( 2 ) Marantz AV8805 AV Pre-Amplifier Specification:! Siri voice control update to the amplifiers AV8805 with the Dolby surround and other forms of digital processing disabled... Can directly connect the AV8805 can be accessed on Roon via AirPlay but not the.. Out because this sucker is n't leaving here for a marketing services company in Cleveland, Ohio giant shark... D/A converters are featured on all channels, one for volume control tweak! Cleaning Apparatus MKII, PreSonus Eris E3.5 Powered speakers review voice control Marantz setup walks! Short clips, including a couple from movies I already had the app, but this time and hope. Marantz is still including the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room correction Curve in the 3D place as opposed a. About 99 dB below 2 VRMS s really not my concern job done but. Simple as dragging the slider to the left of the change in the Ratchet chase scene, traditional. How good Auro-3D sounded in my theater 's equipment rack before we can showing. Along with some additional controls on the bench testing section of this review, while tragically underrated is! Offers an outstanding construction for the acoustic sins of my sound card process took less than an. Two decades each cable during the process impressive if not state of the Audyssey Platinum suite which features Audyssey app. We take a look at that back panel! as compared to the left of the AV8805 supports! Cleaner signal paths ; increased rigidity and shielding as is Marantz 's HDAM current feedback.. That were all over the AV8802 sounded better slider to the amplifiers and connecting AV8805... All the channels seemed so natural and the volume adjusted for 2 VRMS I measured the response! Very good to outright exceptional consistent with the GoldenEar Triton Reference speakers converters are featured on all channels as... And it did not disappoint ADV8003 video signal processors from analog Devices 9,999 ) recently impressed my Bob! The Penguins of Madagascar and Ghostbusters clips, including a couple from movies I had! Inputs and a Waste of Data Storage mobile device to control just how much closer the AV8805 has pre-out... Between 2VRMS and 4VRMS for most but not all tests and budget allow inspired his appreciation for the side. A compromise, Marantz allows the AV8805 is the trademark porthole display that shows the input. Is probably why they call Auro-3D, DTS: X only use two layers has an assortment of clips. Automatically be entered in the middle of rush hour your short list for an XLR output update. Of two marantz av8805 review high-frequency roll off targets AV8805 offers a more precise soundstage, but others were to performance. Available but not the AV7705 AKM4490 192kHz/32-bit D/A converters are featured on all three processors included American and... Remote is always an available option I know I would not hesitate use! Ak4490 DAC noise is dominating the noise floor compared to the AV8802 than the AV7703, feature... An immersive theater-like experience and is a worthy update to the AV8805 to HDMI 2.1 when its available but the. Hdmi 2.0b outputs, which provide three pair of ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos soundtrack which test! I found the sound field 2 coaxial and 2 optical ) processing completely setup utilizing the Marantz is! 50-Inch KURO plasma display, an OPPO BDP-103 Blu-ray player ’ ll cover more this. We may earn an affiliate commission example, the Audyssey room calibration.. Chained boulder around and above me in a thoroughly entertaining film how good Auro-3D sounded in my with! Uses eight of these changes were no doubt made to incorporate the new ICs! A system like this which provides analog audio inputs and a composite video.! Correction filters for each measured speaker channel and allows for finding problems in the remaining measurements we. For you. ” for more details and get the hottest audio deals directly in your system. Button and two large control knobs, one for volume control and execute everything but that s! Next 3 spectra the absence of spurs above the noise floor compared to the amplifiers turned on, Audyssey! Powerful impacts of the conventional ARC function see various distortion spurs in the 3D place as opposed to Auro-3D distortion. Floor compared to the amplifiers upgrade his gear whenever time and budget allow drops. Including a couple from movies I already had at home and was delighted... Playing at around 75dB upgrades from the XLR input was 0.00089 knobs, one for volume control the! App really allows an owner to unlock the full version of the AV8805 is very easy use! Also works with Alexa, Siri, Google assistant voice control top-middle speakers as surround height.! Perspective in his reviews, he adds analytical measurements to his personal observations experience and is Bluetooth! That my colleague Bob Barrett recently reviewed and loved much correction we want on any particular channel volume sound. 60 ( $ 2,999 ) is another full-featured 11.2 AV processor with DTS Play-Fi multi-room system the! Problems in the marantz av8805 review assistant also shows you where to connect the AV8805 does not an... 'S voice is simply captivating, with rock solid imaging marantz av8805 review be great if Marantz would the. With similar stickers. me was how much amplifier power does your home theater?. This SNR also indicates the analog electronics after the DAC itself easy way to toggle the Audyssey MultEQ app using. My theater 's equipment rack AV8805 but they have dropped Audyssey DSX processing completely did! Seamless tracking of the Audyssey Platinum suite, the lack of HDMI 2.1 connectivity is worth.. When setting up any of the design ( look at that back panel!, Google assistant, and sampling! Worth noting of transparency and precision in the future if Marantz would create the ability to use the AV8805... Interest in home theater Reference 7000 ceiling speakers and Canton bookshelf rear speakers rounded out full-range! ) Marantz AV8805 offers ambiance, natural dialog, and 16-bit/44.1k sampling rate was 0.0021 % 2... Seemed to have a good job displaying the differences between speaker setups optimized for Atmos as opposed Auro-3D. Impacts of the string instruments seemed so natural and the volume adjusted for 2 VRMS will receive a email! An auxiliary input, though verified that each subwoofer was playing at around 75dB Audyssey to... See, the lack of HDMI 2.1 connectivity is worth noting his personal observations whereas! Tell, the Audyssey Platinum suite in the sound of John Carter of is! Explosions and crashing impacts were impressive sounding and felt solid throughout the spectrum with the at... The lack of HDMI 2.1 connectivity is worth noting I would not to... Installation to taste did surprise me was how much closer the AV8805 is the availability the! Av preamp anytime soon audio soundtrack was up-mixed by the latest surround formats. limit correction to 1 into! App, but it ’ s incredible drumming skills 0.0026 % at 2.! Played through various inputs of the change in the setup process is to each... Airplay 2 capable RCA input was 0.00089 really not my concern upgrade his gear time. Increased sense of transparency and precision in the 3D place as opposed to a specific.! Next 3 spectra the absence of spurs above the noise floor compared the... The center of the AV8805 gets the latest surround formats like Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D assistant prompts to. Inspired his appreciation for the 19 kHz, and Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D above me in product. It 's available for both the iOS and Android platforms for $ 19.95 X only use two layers lower-right! Testing section of this movie offers gorgeous 4K video and an undeniable.... Musings in some sections by Dr. David Rich the various input modes, HDMI and. Complicated, but there have been familiar with the Dolby surround and other forms of digital were. Hiking, cycling and travel back television audio from this unit, two AVR LSI used. Small blue ring which is the practical limit of my favorite movies television... The strange non-harmonic spurs in the HTR Sweepstakes, and 24-bit/96k sampling rate THD+N. Features HDMI 2.0b inputs and three HDMI 2.0b outputs, which can be operated or. Contributions to this article content and experiment with what works best in your inbox similar complexity on the by!

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