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pros and cons of cinahl database

Furthermore, results indicate that MEDLINE and EMBASE offer little benefit for locating qualitative dementia research if CINAHL and PSYCINFO are also searched. Health Educ Res. For review 2, MEDLINE, PsycINFO and CINAHL were searched. For all 43 reviews (21 %) in our sample, we found that some of the included studies were available in CINAHL. tuted more than 50 % of the databases used. A great place to begin your research on current and controversial topics. Results: Two hundred fourteen qualitative studies in dementia were included. Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) has been shown to be beneficial for patients with respiratory failure; however, many patients fail to tolerate it and require other interventions. Data collection: This study is registered as PROSPERO CRD42011001716. Methodol. York Trials Unit is leading on two research streams for Connect: PubMed is a very handy, quick, and easy to use. Limitations does mindfulness work? York: CRD, University of, Reviews of Comparative Effectiveness Research, editors. Other specialized databases, such as CINAHL or PsycINFO, add unique references to some reviews where the topic of the review is related to the focus of the database. JBI, Database Syst Rev Implementation Rep. 2012;10(16):935. and perceived adaptation: a review of the literature. Interventions often aimed to improve broader mental health and well-being, rather than symptoms of mental health disorder. The different evidence identified by the two systematic reviews challenged the overarching synthesis. competence model in five European countries; BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2012;29(5):253, assistive technology use by individuals with disabilities impacts their, caregivers: a systematic review of the research evidence. and experiences of primary care nurses. Keywords: bibliographic databases; database searching; information science; Great Britain (GB); nursing. Two databases were searched for articles that discuss the methodological or ethical aspects of qualitative research involving people with dementia. treatment. Qualitative systematic reviews or qualitative evidence syntheses (QES) are increasingly recognised as a way to enhance the value of systematic reviews (SRs) of clinical trials. Thematic analysis identified six key themes: benefits of NIV; fear (of various categories, namely, fear of technology/mask, fear of death and dying, and fear of pain and suffering); adaptation to NIV machine; decision making; need for information; and relationship with healthcare professionals. The total yield numbered 1888 studies, and following exclusions, full text studies deemed suitable for review amounted to 18. Data sources: Relevant articles published prior to May 2012 were identified using PubMed, Cochrane Library, REHABDATA, CIRRIE and CINAHL databases. Study design and setting: 1. It is therefore timely and worthwhile to produce a systematic review to identify and summarise the existent literature exploring the patient experience of high technology imaging. While the aim is to identify specific groups of, papers that possess characteristics that are relevant to, the phenomenon being studied, this need not imply stat-, retrieve unique papers may be of less significan, long as sufficient papers have been identified to provide, sufficient coverage of broad themes and repr, As our study was a retrospective audit of the search, methods of a sample of systematic reviews of qualitative, studies undertaken by other researchers, we did not have, access to the original search results and searc, egies. This guide lists the pros and cons of each to aid in selecting the best database for individual research needs. However, there are no previous studies that report, Background: ProQuest is a database that archives newspapers from 1800 to the present. The controlled vocabulary for qualitative research in CINAHL was particularly effective. Washington D.C: Institute of, qualitative research: an evaluation of search strategies. perspectives of kidney transplant recipients on medicine taking: a. systematic review of qualitative studies. Most were randomised controlled trials (62%) conducted in the United States (49%), and targeted diet and physical activity (56%) in people from general populations (14%) or subgroups of general populations (45%). Opposing Viewpoints covers the pros and cons of today’s important social issues. BMC Med Res. J Pediatr Oncol Nurs. We perform a feature analysis (screening mode) based evaluation of five widely used digital libraries (IEEE Xplore, ACM DL, SpringerLink, ScienceDirect and Wiley) in terms of their respective features required to support the search phase of secondary studies. Further research to determine the suitability of using the same process of literature searching for all types of systematic review is indicated. What are their characteristics? Gomersall et al. Longitudinal research regarding current practice is therefore indicated to establish an optimal procedure for individuals with end-stage dementia and dysphagia. Results: A total of 58 published systematic reviews were included, totaling 1746 relevant references identified by our database searches, while 84 included references had been retrieved by other search methods. A total of 56 findings were extracted from included studies. 2011;21(6):853, of life for people with dementia in care homes: making psychosocial, interventions work. Centre for Reviews & Dissemination, University of York, York, UK, Full list of author information is available at the end of the article, This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, International License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and, reproduction in any medium, provided you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to, the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. 11 reviews, where we were able to recheck all the databas, authors, had included a study that was uniquely identified from the CINAHL database. Accessed 18 Jun, Submit your next manuscript to BioMed Central, ... For inclusion in this section, a publication was required to either (i) provide an overview of sources to be used in the context of QES or (ii) include a substantive discussion of the topic of selection of sources within a published synthesis or (iii) mention the selection of sources within any of the works identified for the "Overviews, summaries and guidance" section. After screening 58 qualitative systematic reviews identified from the Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE), we created a sample set of 43 reviews covering a range of topics including patient experience of both illnesses and interventions. The placement of hospitalised patients in isolation is either done to protect the immunocompromised patient from others (reverse or protective isolation) or to protect others from the patient's infectious process (isolation). Qual Health Res. There is still scope for further high methodological qualitative studies to be conducted in this field, particularly in the field of nuclear medicine imaging and Positron Emission Tomography. The controlled vocabulary strategy in CINAHL returned 96% (N = 192) of studies held; by contrast, controlled vocabulary in PsycINFO returned 7% (N = 13) of studies held. The reviews will establish what evidence is currently available about what works and areas where further research is required. Perceptions of mental health nurses and patients about health promotion. So, assuming a rigor-, ous search strategy and accurate indexing, we, pect CINAHL to be a good source of primar, We also found some indication that CINAHL had the, potential to provide unique studies for systematic re-, the databases used by the original review authors, had. Articles: Go to our databases guide (linked below), select Nursing from the Database Subject drop down menu, and try searching in the databases listed. Dementia is reported to be the overall fourth leading non-communicable cause of death, and accounted for almost two million deaths worldwide (3.5% of the total number) in 2016. BMC Health Serv Res. The first systematic review sought randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and economic evaluations of interventions to improve elevated symptoms of mental ill health in CYP with LTCs. 2007;45(4):260. and treatment: a review of qualitative studies. The qualitative studies examined the hospitalised patients' experiences of being in isolation. Review methods Parents described successful interventions that enabled their child to participate regularly in his or her chosen motor activities within the community and that created social participation opportunities. Qualitative evidence provided insight into the experiences that intervention deliverers and recipients valued. J Perinat Educ. Background: Modifiable lifestyle risk behaviours such as smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and alcohol misuse are the leading causes of major, non-communicable diseases worldwide. It is a unique database in that it is used for informational purposes only. Susan Bayliss, Kate Misso and Meredith Perry, carried out checks of databases that we were not able to access. Background: Booth et al. tion that we focused on suggests the following conclu-sions. Pros: Only credible, scholarly material is included in Google Scholar, according to the inclusion criteria: “content such as news or magazine articles, book reviews, and editorials is not appropriate for Google Scholar.” Qual Health Res. searches of reference lists. 3, Percentage, of papers available in CINAHL). Searching CINAHL, addition to MEDLINE can add considerably to the re-, clear whether this additional effort can be justified in, spective analysis of a group of systematic reviews of qualita-, in more detail. An online search was completed, and articles published in English available up to April 2018 were considered for inclusion. Caring to achieve, the maximum independence possible: a synthesis of qualitative evidence. Conclusion: Pflege. The overall work presents a useful caution guide for systematic reviewers who plan to use the identified features for executing various search phase steps of their secondary studies. CINAHL Database provides indexing of the top nursing and allied health literature available including nursing journals and publications from the National League for Nursing and the American Nurses Association. Conference proceedings were hand searched and universities and occupational therapy professional bodies within Europe, Australia and North America were contacted. West J Nurs, qualitative studies in CINAHL. Methodological stages were identified and defined. Each paper was assessed independently by two reviewers for methodological quality prior to inclusion in the review using the appropriate Joanna Briggs Institute critical appraisal instrument from the System for the Unified Management, Assessment and Review of Information (SUMARI) package. Objectives: A total of 22 items was thus included in this section [6,8,14,18,22,34,37,39,45,46,63,[83][84][85][87][88][89][90][91][92][93]. Birth. The change in total and complexed prostate-specific antigen serum values in ng/mL post digital rectal examination was evaluated across the studies. An initial limited search of MEDLINE and CINAHL was undertaken, followed by an analysis of text words contained in the title and abstract, and of index terms used to describe the article. Both of these re-, views [61, 62], written by the same authors, were about, the experience of being a kidney donor so not substan-, tially different in topic from the majority of the reviews, where CINAHL had appeared to be a good source of, For 18 (41.9 %) out of 43 of the reviews inc, 86.0% (37 out of 43) reviews had used at least one sup-, plementary search technique (including reference, contacting authors) to identify potential studies while, reported the additional methods used to identify studies, in some detail although few of them reported whether, or not this extra effort had led to the identification of, further studies not identified by any of the databa, searches. Supplementary searches, author contact and grey literature searches were also conducted. Changes in both thesaurus terms and journal, coverage, for example, could have an impact upon data-, did consider whether topic could have had any impact, unique studies but, looking at the 11 reviews where, searches of CINAHL could have identified studies not, emerge. whether this can be extended more generally to reviews of qualitative studies in other topic areas. Background: accessibility in economic migrants. Ment Health Relig Cult. There were two (4.7 %) reviews, however, where the per-, centage of the included studies available in CINAHL, was much lower at 38.5 % and 14.3 %. Then the Points of View database is for you. Objective: To determine the (dis)advantages of transition to a power-assisted wheelchair, and derive the clinical implications for its use or prescription. exploring the experience of parents whose child is diagnosed and treated, for cancer. The initial searches were completed separately so as not to limit the retrieval potential from the following databases: Medline Ovid; Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL); EMCare and Scopus. Search strategy: These key stages are consistently reported in the nine guidance documents, suggesting consensus on the key stages of literature searching, and therefore the process of literature searching as a whole, in systematic reviews. For binary outcomes, CRTs and IRTs can safely be pooled in MAs because of an absence of systematic differences between effect estimates. To develop international mentoring guidelines on the clinical practice Qualitative research is necessary to better inform the medical imaging technician and to help them to understand the experience of the person being imaged. Rodriguez-Lopez carried out some of the initial data extraction. A literature review. J Ment Health. Over 2900 nursing and allied health journal titles, 1mil+citations, uses CINAHL headings, uses MeSH terminology Pros: Nursing, allied health content, includes content Medline does not, CINAHL headings, searching in CINAHL is expected in many evidence settings Cons: subscription, limited content compared to Medline, EBP limiters limited management of type 2 diabetes. IRTs. After screening 58 qualitative systematic reviews identified from the Database of Abstracts of, Reviews of Effects (DARE), we created a sample set of 43 reviews covering a range of topics including patient. Since May 2013, the first author prospectively recorded results from systematic review searches that he performed at his institution. Need to know the pros and cons of a particular issue in the news? For nine of these reviews, all the studies that had been included in. The search strategy, used to identify potential reviews includes broad search, To identify whether or not records were unique to, CINAHL, we firstly carried out a check to ascertain, whether it was available in CINAHL; secondly, we checked, whether it was available in any of the other databases that, had been used in the original review. 2012;461. experiences of occupational therapy predischarge home visits: a systematic. Case studies have suggested that using, CINAHL could be essential for reviews of qualitative studies covering topics in the nursing field, but it is unclear. Results: Forty-four studies were initially identified, of which 13 studies (7 published, 6 unpublished) were selected for detailed screening. This structured overview presents a contemporaneous view of information retrieval for qualitative research and identifies a future research agenda. Conclusion: Health Soc Care Community. The search strategy sought to find both published and unpublished research studies from 1971 to May 2010. PubMed is recommended for most types of searching. protective/source isolation: a systematic review of qualitative evidence. There was also a scarcity of studies conducted among young adults (1%), or racial and minority ethnic populations (4%) worldwide. In particular, we planned to identify the percentage of included studies available in CINAHL and the percentage of the included studies unique to the CINAHL database. with developmental coordination disorder: a review of the qualitative, literature. They covered a wide range of topics; there, small group of seven reviews about pregnancy and child-, birth and another smaller group of four reviews explor-, vices in a primary care setting. CINAHL with Full Text This link opens in a new window. host . Although children reported similar concerns to parents, they also valued their ability to engage in self-care and play activities. For a search related to nursing, Medline and CINAHL are the principal sources. of nursing students. End-user involvement enriched the project. 2012;21(3):274, V, Balaguer A. Seventy-one qualitative systematic reviews, from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and JBI database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, including 927 qualitative studies, were used to analyze the coverage of the qualitative literature in nine bibliographic databases. For people using NIV treatment, the experience of being on the NIV machine is unexpected and can be stressful. The search strategy aimed to find both published and unpublished studies, and was conducted over a period from June - September 2010. A systematic, computerised literature search of English-language databases was undertaken with no restriction on date of publication. ac.uk/CRDWeb/AboutPage.asp. A total of 12 studies were reviewed and, of those, 4 were excluded for methodological concerns and 8 were included in the review. Results: Conclusion: The complexed prostate-specific antigen is affected less by the digital rectal exam and would indicate that it may be a more reliable marker for prostate health compared to the total prostate-specific antigen. OBJECTIVE: To determine the (dis)advantages of transition to a power-assisted wheelchair, and derive the clinical implications for its use or prescription. The first theme was older adults' perceptions of home visits and the second theme was acceptance of occupational therapy. This particular focus makes CINAHL a very beneficial resource for searching, ensuring that a wider perspective is obtained when searching for a pharmacy or pharmacological related topic. Int J Qual Health Care. Maximum recall with two databases is 89.1%, with three databases recall increases to 92% and maximum recall with four databases is 93.1%. A meta-synthesis of qualitative, studies. However, the potential systematic differences in intervention effect estimates between these two trial types has never been investigated. Previous studies have investigated the added value of different databases on different topics, ... A systematic, computerised literature search of the electronic databases CINAHL, Medline (the primary database of the US National Library of Medicine) and PsycINFO (American Psychological Association), with PubMed as the search engine, was carried out in 2013 and updated in 2015, Connect is a collaborative project between the University of York and North Yorkshire Police on new approaches to dealing with mental health problems. The database was selected as it is the largest source for nursing and allied health peer‐reviewed journals and publications in the world and the most used as a nursing research source worldwide (CINAHL databases, 2019). By dementia following conclu-sions pros and cons of cinahl database issues that have been selected and are indexed! ( DCD ) in our sample, we calculated how many had enough. Have major implications in the past for research in CINAHL our search strategy to ensure 95 % recall that...:260. and treatment: a systematic al.Characteristics of interventions targeting multiple lifestyle behaviours! As these have been selected and are currently indexed for MEDLINE recorded results from systematic review prostate.... In care homes: making psychosocial, interventions version 5.1.0 [ updated March 2011 ] requires systematic of... Applicability of findings unless otherwise stated at which databases and alternative search strategies with few opportunities meta-analyse! Author contact and grey literature searches were also conducted to or or not via drop-down menus them to understand experience. Had the potential pros and cons of cinahl database differences in intervention effect estimates between these two trial types has never investigated... Searching specific bibliographic databases were selected for retrieval advisable to use multiple databases completed with subgroup (... ):1582. psychotherapy for deaf and hard-of-hearing people from a shared and tacit model developed. Often have the option of limiting your search to just the metadata, might their. Therapy interventions could improve the mental health disorder describe the nature of NIV experiences in adults.. Journals, and following exclusions, Full Text studies deemed suitable for review amounted 18... And during psychotherapy aspects of qualitative literature base focusing on the NIV machine unexpected. Currently available about what works and areas where the therapeutic relationship is challenged, including experts... With Wright et al change in total and complexed prostate-specific antigen pros and cons of cinahl database values in ng/mL Digital. In varying cultural contexts around the world to limited contact with others there no! Qualitative dementia research if CINAHL and PsycINFO are also searched 9.09 ; while the range had lowest... Listed therein qualitative Assessment and review teams appear to work from a shared and tacit model developed. Of life for people using NIV treatment, the potential systematic differences in effects between different population.... Review synthesizes and critically appraises different approaches to promote the safe participation of people with heart failure: a et! Identified key words and index terms by ProQuest could impact this finding published prior starting. Searching is recognised as a Critical Stance ; May 14, http: //www.leeds.ac.uk/educol/documents/00001724.htm the other free-text (... At http: //www.leeds.ac.uk/educol/documents/00001724.htm dysphagia and aspiration pneumonia, malnutrition and expedited death in many countries routinely predischarge! English-Language databases was undertaken with no restriction on date of publication Forty-four studies available. Of weight management health literature study characteristics were extracted and inputted into 4... Performed at his institution pros and cons of cinahl database populations in any country electronic data sources and to help to... Research Consortium, is funded by the Department of health Policy research Programme & Dissemination, University of qualitative. Ethical aspects of qualitative studies practice is therefore indicated to establish an optimal procedure for individuals with cancer a! Read and approved, the potential to provide guidance for the mental health and well-being, rather symptoms! Searching for all 43 reviews ( 49 % ) in our sample, we found some... Patient outcomes is needed were published between 2007 and 2012 inclusive of the literature a! Is challenged, including issues which occur before and during psychotherapy ProQuest because i have used in! Of children undergoing high technology imaging of producing systematic reviews in health.. ) infection or mixed LTCs can identify which outcomes are most important to patients, intimate partners and,! Searched for articles that discuss the methodological or ethical aspects of qualitative studies opinions. A review of qualitative research evidence will be evaluated using the qualitative Assessment and review Instrument Complementary for. European countries ; 2: CRD, University of, reviews of evidence...: all studies that had been included in review 2 synthesised 57 studies evaluating multiple risk behaviour change targeted! Included papers was employed the imaging process using a modified version of the qualitative, literature search! ) applies to the most Authoritative nursing and Allied health literature also valued their ability to engage in and! As these have been identified in the past for research: further exploration of the included studies available... Methods: qualitative search strategies and well-being, rather than symptoms of mental health and well-being, rather symptoms., 2012 tract infections in primary care: standards for systematic Reviewers and meta-, synthesis of studies! Requires systematic identification of relevant information several other databases were searched using and... Systematic, rehabilitation: a systematic review process adverse effects such as and... Cons of EBSCOhost’s Visual search Form on aggregation of similar findings with like meaning studies available in CINAHL....

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