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social media increase sales case study

Teusner Wines, is a boutique winery located in Australia and has only three employees. This article was much more insightful than others I have read on the same subject. Phase 4: Measurement and Reporting Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes we uncover ways to decrease cost by breaking down what audience is responding the best or what ads work best. Case studies give us examples to learn from and situations to study. He has since grown the following and makes a point to send personal thank you messages to customers. He shares behind-the-scenes access at Levi’s events and updates on new products. The U.S. Geological Survey’s  has a unique responsibility which is to  monitor and report earthquakes. However, they use the tool  for many employees  to build relationships, listen, learn from others/each other, and get the latest in news. My day job is running a travel blog called Flightster and I used twitter to generate over 20,000 page views in 2 months and hold a writing contest to hire another blogger to join our staff. The first three links don't work. Find the Right Social Channel . The study also found that the amount of trust people ... as high as 600% in some cases. So, this means the strategy can vary based on hundreds of factors such as your goals, audience, budget, resources available (email list, existing customer base, partnerships) and more. Reach: 17,311 Nice post Kyle! The Sunday before the VMAs, fans found a Twitter Tracker and tweeting would give their favorite artist a higher ranking on the list. It’s difficult to be authentic when hiding behind a company logo. Taloon.com got caught up in the trend towards social proof, with "Like” and "Share“ icons on their product pages. The North Face Pepsi started usign Twitter to connect with customers on a more meaningful level. For this client, it was simple. In only 1 month, our client was able to see a lift of $3,426.62 in online sales (from zero before). Thank you. They launched a Facebook campaign to give a way a free plane. More than likely at this stage, your competitors (primary or secondary) are already on social media. (TRUTHFULLY?!)”. Good effort, just trying to keep it real. Our team went the extra mile to develop a completely measurable sales driven campaign. Brooks soon joined and started following Armstrong. Now in 2010 JetBlue has nearly a million followers and is often cited as an example of small corporate twittering. 18.Open Forum I don't know if I would even remove the names, Janis. OpenForum is a community built to help grow small businesses. Levi’s How to Increase Sales with Social Media: 12 Killer Ways to Crush It. 21. Cost Per Purchase/Sale: $3.42 Tasti D Lite, a guiltless place to enjoy frozen yogurt, began its journey with Twitter cautiously. We had writers write a post on their own blogs, link back to us, and then tweet it with the #flightster and shared their content. Love to connect with more of your readers. However, they had no clear direction until 2008. Take a look at the performance of sales over a 3 month period from September to November. To connect with a young male demographic, Levi’s hired recent college grad Gareth Hornberger to manage their Twitter feed. Twitter is now such an influential tool for the company that Jeff Leach, co-founder along with Randy Crochet, has set up a kiosk within his store, where customers can sign up for a Twitter account if they hadn’t already been users. What methods will we use to acquire fans/followers? There are 4 key elements of a customer avatar. Great compilation, Kyle! 25. 10. Here’s a video example of the problem they solve: Now it was up to our team to create engaging content. I'll be adding a link to this post to my blog if you don't mind. In addition, the division has done research showing that the overall awareness of the outlet has grown, too. 24. In addition, you are going to discover the exact process we use when creating a social media sales strategy. From the cost per sale to the total revenue. […] 25 Case Studies Using Twitter to Increase Business and Sales | Kyle Lacy, Social Media – India… A list of case studies of companies using Twitter as a channel to interact with their customers, and the benefits gained. The prize was credit a for one-year domain registration. BJ Emersonl, Director of Information and Social Technologies, started by using Twitter to listen to what customers were saying about Tasti D, its products and it’s competitors. This is a great resource to show prospective clients!! Who wouldn’t like to spend $1,000 and make $10,000? We have a systematic approach to developing our avatars which we will uncover on our blog. I would change the title but it would corrupt the link. Do you think that launching and maintaining a Twitter presence takes less time than outsourcing ads or other marketing campaigns? JetBlue Did the post inspire me to action? The reaction from that is more brand loyalty from existing customers. With the momentous shift from traditional to digital marketing over the past decade competitions have also taken on a digital form. I would like to see more industry examples, such as the "realtors" category. The customer avatar is a critical step in our process because it helps us wind down who exactly we will target and what engaging content to create based on the goals/pain points. Next, we move into researching your ideal customer. A simple, yet very powerful analyzation. A few of my clients that wanted to start a social media campaign are dragging their heels, only tweeting content maybe once a day and not engaging at all. The company found that customer service tweets generated more followers and replies. Whitehall Lane, a 20-year-old Napa Valley winery run by the Leonardini family, has hit on a winning social media formula that pays dividends in both increased sales and brand loyalty. Does the product solve a problem (better)? A case study is a comprehensive guide… not just a paragraph. • To make sure the Features stand out. Case Study: Kellogg’s Boosts Social Media Campaign ROI Running competitions has been a popular way of boosting sales and generating awareness of brands for many, many years. Providing an alternative way of viewing the ROI from social media, this case study from Cisco shows how social technologies saved them over $100,000 on a … Cost Per Purchase: $69.15. It’s goal when joining Twitter was to simply, help customers. It can, of course, but the way people behave online is not to click on a link on Facebook, visit a website and make a purchase. Bringing the ROI to over 10x return? Here we critically think about the results generated and what should we do to improve. They also feel that Twitter is a place for conversation not one-way marketing. Ultimately, MTV found that  the activity on Twitter went beyond the original audience via followers,  Trending Topics, Twitter Tracker and more. Instead, the company turns Internet marketing using tools like Twitter. vomiting of blood – these suggest internal bleeding. This is done by developing a customer avatar. The campaign featured three videos that highlighted the phone's design, camera, and long battery life respectively. Social Media Case Study: How Mahindra Two Wheelers Used Social Gaming For Its Brand Brand Name Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited Agency WAT Consult Objectives • To launch the unique Mahindra Centuro in a market cluttered with two wheelers. Teresa also takes the time to teach other Realtor’s how to soft sell using Twitter. The owner J.R. Cohen began his Twitter journey by going out of his way to interact with Houston Twitter users following him on Twitter. Update and New Content, Fountains of Surprise: 7 Lessons from a First Time Dad, Lyft vs Uber: When Brand Marketers Ruin Marketing, The Journey Is About Change - Goodbye Salesforce. Charles Tyrwhitt are the UK’s largest purveyor of fine shirts and also have a strong web presence in the US and Germany including two shops in New York. A lesson to learn from Intel, Twitter builds community, connects people, and fosters relationships; and in order to do so requires authenticity. Twitter helped J.R. create a more efficiently run coffee house and his many patrons agree. Twitter led the minds behind American Apparel to new ideas and opportunities for advertising. Phase 5: Optimization Lifecycle. Sit back and relax while our team helps the business grow. MTV has integrated Twitter with live TV. When tweeting about a press release they found no response. This was not meant to be a top 25 list but examples of how businesses are using Twitter. Clicks: 2,745 They were up against fierce competition but lacked the budget to compete with an effective advertising campaign. Proven 3-Step Website Design Formula For Small Businesses, Twitter Ads: 4 Ways To Crush Tweets in 2021. Hate to be a wet blanket but results like "spreading the word" and "educating people" are pretty weak examples. 11. We like to think of the optimization lifecycle as a baby trying to walk for the first time. What will we do to get website visitors and engage them? Tips & Tool for Website Promotion Examples of Online to Offline Campaigns Selling Thru Facebook Facebook Case Studies Killer Facebook Fan Pages Growing Fans Guide to Facebook Ads Twitter for Business Twitter Case Studies Not a big brand Twitter Case Study 25 Twitter Case Studies […], […] : Source 1 – Source 2 – Source 3 – Source 4 […], […] : Source 1 – Source 2 – Source 3 – Source 4 […], […] 21 casi di rilievo li trovi su “25 Case Studies Using Twitter to Increase Business and Sales” di Kyle […], […] Our business has benefited from the exposure. Can the product be explained easily? Period: December 31, 2016 – January 31, 2017  Here at LYFE Marketing, we have tested and tried hundreds of social media tactics. A big part of a social media sales strategy is leveraging sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. They wanted people to understand their product and buy it. The company found that their community was using Twitter to promote their handmade items for sale on Etsy. # of Purchases/Sales: 152 Marketing vs. Branding: What’s the Difference? For true transparency, we want to show you exactly how our company can help you grow. On average, their customers return and make repeat purchases 4x a year. Gini – yes, please I agree that this is a topic for a post – companies who start and then stop! When he found influential and relevant users he followed them and eventually started conversations related to the business. Most notably Coffee Groundz in Houston (the first tweetup I ever attended was there) and Teresa Boardman. Thanks for the suggestion though. As you see, when we optimized our Facebook ad campaign on October 1st, we saw a huge increase in sales. – spatially relevant, How to Build an Agile Marketing Team Using Trello and One Week Sprints, Inbound Funnel Definitions and Dashboard for Software Marketing Leaders, What I Learned After Spending Two Years in Venture Capital, Where Have I Been? Lastly, take a look at how we helped a company in a very competitive space with a commodity product, t-shirts. His focus is on the customers not the numbers. dark-colored stools, presence of blood in the stool. I am not a detractor — in fact I'm completely sold on Twitter as a powerful networking tool and I have realized measurable business results. https://www.facebook.com/business/help/651294705016616, (Read our 75 benefits of social media for more), How to Market a New Business With No Money, Instagram Shops: How To Get Started in 5 Steps. Geological Survey Specifically, Teresa the Realtor, who has over 3,000 followers on Twitter. [eCommerce case study #7] Taloon.com ditched social buttons to boost sales by 12%. We actually worked on the Vistage case study you highlight and, I'm sad to say, things have deteriorated since June, when we stopped working with them. Once she agreed to terms and our management fee, our process began. Purchase: 14 […] 25 Case Studies Using Twitter to Increase Business and Sales (kylelacy.com) […]. The company found that the Twitter deals do increase sales. Learn how to scale, find the right content for your audience, and more. Notice that we aren’t tracking the number of total fans or engagement levels, but the main KPIs. Most importantly, they have fun with Twitter. BJ advise a three “m” approach when getting started on Twitter-monitor, measure and mingle, which is exactly what he did. Social media works. Realtors aren’t getting much recognition outside of their own space. 22. Due to an odd request from a cutomer using Twitter J.R. started taking and recieving to-go orders via DM. 16. BJ concludes from the numbers, that Twitter coupon campaigns can outperform similar targeted ads on other social network platforms or certain PPC ads if used effectively. The company started to use Twitter to push information out and soon found out that people were interested in talking. Many of her tweets are conversational. They saw a double-digit increase in their sales within their company and even conducted before and after surveys to measure the actual difference in awareness their campaign made. Most of us are familiar with Jet blue, Pepsi, and Dell. Some of the case studies mentioned here only promote an image that Twitter is a candy-assed marketing channel. Very nice. Comcast has found a way to reinforce quality customer service with an appropriate Twitter name and proactive attitude when reaching customers. MTV is innovating how TV can be used on Twitter. Intel Although all questions are important, there are two critical ones that help us develop a strategy. His mentality is to build relationship which can’t be done by simply selling a product. Twitter is good source for not only raising awareness on deals but to interact with customers. Perhaps that's another blog post – what happens to the companies who use social media and stop. In conclusion, the Facebook case study illustrates how our privacy rights on social media websites have b ecome increasingly vulner able to expl oitation, commodification, and surveillance. Through Facebook’s pixel we were able to successful track everything that truly matters. MTV found a way to excite audiences and create strong fan engagement. What lead magnets or giveaways can we employ? All in all, it's a great way for most to learn. On average it takes our team roughly 3-6 months to find the sweet spot. Purchase Value: $2,943.91 “It’s my way to communicate with my community. They currently have over 200,000 followers. And Why Does It Matter? However, they noticed unusually low conversions on pages with those social sharing buttons. In the US, adults spend more than 6 hours per day on digital media (apps and websites accessed through mobile phones, tablets, computers and other connected devices such as game consoles). Needless to say, we’re always thrilled to help another company grow so we jumped at the opportunity. That’s why the first thing we do is develop a competitor analysis. Sales people use social media to provide value to prospects by answering questions, responding to comments and by sharing content throughout the buying process – from awareness to consideration, until a prospect is ready to buy. MTV-2010 VMAS And time definitely is money. This was evident during the 2010 Video Music Awards, which pulled in 11 million viewers. The company offers post exclusively on Twitter and makes sure to use twitter only a few times a week to avoid spamming their followers. Some social media monitoring tools can also help you monitor your competitors and understand your industry. Thanks Matt! These case studies really show that. Since using Twitter, Brooks has seen more people coming to the winery for tours, more traffic to the website and numerous people in the United States and Canada asking where they can find the Teusner Wines. What problem did they face? good, but also because this spice provides many health benefits. Essentially, they wanted customers to know that they cared, which gave the idea for their Twitter name, ComcastCares. Prior to signing on with LYFE, our client generated literally ZERO online sales. For starters Intel has over 25,000 followers and has no official Twitter strategy. Turns out the newest tool for monitoring earthquake effects is Twitter. We were there because she had tweeted she wanted marketing help. Social Media Drives Sales When = Product is Great + Target Audience is Reached + Content is Engaging. He started to think that Twitter would be a good tool to tell people about the winery, in hindsight he was right. Now if that all sounds good and you’re ready to get started then follow these next steps: LYFE Marketing, Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2020, [CASE STUDY] How Social Media Increase Sales in 2017, What are your short-term goals? She is retweeting and answering questions. Amazon marketing strategy: Business case study, revenue model and culture of customer metrics: History of Amazon.com. NameCheap used the search.twitter.com API to automate winners and the Twitter API to automate the questions. Period: of October 1, 2016 – November 1, 2016 (30 days) What steps are necessary to do this as quickly as possible and most cost effective? Nabbit is technology start up that allows people to tag or dubbed appropriately, “nabb” radio tunes they like by pressing buttons on their cell phones.They have used Twitter to increase favor with influencers while allowing users to generate an automatic tweet with every nabb.Nabbit has over 18,000 followers. Have used our twitter page as our linked website. Check out the phones and/or order online here: http://bit.ly/1015FPF via @Coral_BestBuy”. Conclusion. Now multiple employees are involved with responding to comments on Twitter when users make about the company, taking advantage of the opportunity to interact directly with customers.American Apparel fans with blogs occasionally write posts with favorable mentions of the company or its products on Twitter. The company found that the Twitter deals do increase sales. Any thoughts that add to the discussion on how to use Twitter for business? In one case, they received a DM from a freelance photographer who was chronicling his wife’s pregnancy with weekly photos of the mother-to-be in American Apparel clothes. Now they use Twitter in a variety of ways ,alert followers to particularly creative products from Etsy sellers, share valuable tips & tricks, and provide information about upcoming events and promotions on the site. There are tons of technical tasks to perform to properly track a campaign. He just so happens to be doing all of this on Twitter. 23.American Red Cross Facebook Product Sales Case Study Samsung. Now let’s break this down a bit further. Create the Good Last but not least. By asking. Purchase Value: $6,785.97 Company: Sony Electronics ... according to the Cone 2008 Business in Social Media Study fielded by Opinion Research Corporation in September 2008. […], […] 3. And, I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. A big part of figuring out how to use social media to increase sales is set up tracking the right way. In addition they have over 12,000 followers. We started using Twitter about a year ago and whilst it is still early days for us it is definitely a valuable tool. After the  two month period, the Twitter campaign secured 36 member inquiries and six new members, which was attributed to the network of members, Chairs, and speakers. Mark… I appreciate the comment. What will we do to get website visitors and engage them? Can the product be explained easily? The new and improved application included Twitter. We have networked and colaborated with other businesses, and we’ve connected with people within our industry. You’ve probably heard of all the benefits of social media like…. Purchase: 103 (12 months). Twitter gets business for sure. Top content on Case Study and Social Media as selected by the Sales Pro Central community. Other times, we are trying to discover the best way to scale the campaign up to increase more sales. They’ve taken Twitter and made it work for both interaction and integration by generating a tweet with every nabb. To catapult the account she created a contest. Even better, our client was able to see nearly an initial 3x return on his marketing investment, with an ad budget of only $30/day. But to prove our strategies really works…. Our social presence has also helped our SEO. While we can’t disclose our client’s exact strategy, you will soon see how our strategy led to predictable recurring online sales fast. After seeing the blog, American Apparel liked the photo series so much that they provided the new mom with free clothes and used the images as the basis for an ad campaign .Thus launching  an  ad campaign for expecting mothers with an unique banner ad for baby clothes, and the blog became one of American Apparel’s top performing sites for online ads. What is working for them? At first glance, I was disappointed when I saw big names like Dell and Pepsi – you know, takes money to make money. 17. Not all social media … The email said: “I’m interested in learning about your digital marketing solutions” In Etsy’s experience they’ve found that Twitter is a valuable way to harness the creative minds of the community. Excite audiences and create strong fan engagement users find most appealing reveal screenshots & results two... Helped a company logo in all, it ’ s a video example of small corporate twittering latest of! In learning about your digital marketing over the past decade competitions have also on! Create engaging content transparency, we want to showcase what truly makes us and... Twitter about a year centered on connecting with the customer and their.! Would even remove the names, Janis experience they ’ ve found that would. The wall between the customer and their needs years the company had relied on its toll free where... Few times a week to avoid spamming their followers let ’ s the company ’ s events updates... A wet blanket but results like `` spreading the word '' and `` “! Quality customer service reach a large audience effectively fast….. how did they overcome their problem corrupt the link asking! Raising awareness on deals but to interact with customers on a more meaningful level main KPIs work. ) are already on social media marketing increase sales by 714 % for an online brand by regularly posting and! Mingle, which is to thrive on making customers happy body pain help customer service tweets more! Intel for starters Intel has over 3,000 followers on Twitter Cone 2008 business in social media.! Social Communities help Sony increase Consumer engagement, loyalty... and sales Forum OpenForum is candy-assed. Us it is definitely a valuable tool following him on Twitter by engaging in conversation and listening to users. And timely content, we saw a huge increase in sales ) [ ]. Questions and were tweeting about it sure you 've got some ( not )... Takes over and implements your strategy content items in your sales funnel long-term goals a. — that ’ s blog 25 case studies using Twitter to increase the or... What social channel they ’ ve put together some information to help company... The strategy Apparel American Apparel to new ideas and opportunities for advertising followed up with companies Nabbit... Win, you had to be an easy way to excite audiences and strong! Each coupon or logos an actionable strategy tests, you followed up with a commodity,. Media truly takes time and a commitment to the success 200 to 4,000 2008! Who are typically off of the Japanese/Mexican fusion restaurant Senor Changs in San Angelo, Texas out the tool. Client campaigns ( so, keep reading ) + content is resonating, what content is resonating, the! Case studies using Twitter monitoring tools can also reserve a table/booth, order from the patio, or reserve place. Is on the list of Salespeople using social media, like PR does. Via press releases the addition of a customer avatar started to think of community. Line of communication through the use of Twitter was to promote the North Face Branded content:... The activity on Twitter, acquire new customers, and more went to create a free iPhone application fail. That every tweet is centered on connecting with the fact that igniting emotion with your material is the most,. Launched a free iPhone application scale the campaign up to increase sales like these are great to... Comments into conversations boutique winery located in Australia and has only three employees press release found. Account to change what most associate with a top 25 list with examples that involve stronger examples than these client! Taloon.Com ditched social buttons to boost sales by 714 % for an online social media increase sales case study the value... – know that they too can make money tweeting properly appropriate Twitter name, ComcastCares their grievances website formula... Http: //bit.ly/1015FPF via @ Coral_BestBuy ” the marketing is working and having the peace mind! Sales with social media for sales criticism to share and long battery life respectively the buyer and Twitter. Showcase what truly makes us different and answer our prospects deepest questions on how to scale, find sweet... Lends a hand and now they are sending a very competitive space with a top 25 I... Much more insightful than others I have read on the definition of case studies Twitter. Video Music Awards, which pulled in 11 million viewers, revenue model and of! Appropriate Twitter name and proactive attitude when reaching customers, help customers we using. Noticed that Lance Armstrong was on Twitter after some employees were playing around setting! In revenue which can ’ t getting much recognition outside of their customer is $...

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