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why do gray whales migrate

Like many things, there are exceptions to these general migration routes; some whales are known to roam widely and switch breeding grounds from year to year. The gray whales living in Asia, travel from Japan and Korea to the northern Okhotsk Sea, while the gray whales living in America, migrate from Alaska in the summer to the warmer waters of California and Mexico for breeding. Humpback whales are incredible creatures found in oceans around the world. During the two annual gray whale migration seasons, up to 20,000 whales pass by the coast, close enough to the shore to be visible from the mainland. Gray Whale Migration Seasons. Native Americans hunted and killed gray whales along the West Pacific coast for thousands of years. Food and reproduction are the main reasons whales migrate, and fortunately, … During the warm seasons, whales migrate to colder waters where their food source is plentiful. Locals call them “resident whales”, and look forward to their arrival. Yes, there are a number of other whales that are known to migrate. Travel speeds: up to 10 to 11 miles per hour with and average speed of 2-6 miles … To which sea in the Alaskan arc- tic has each whale traveled in the summer? Why do whales migrate? Aside from the seasonally migrating gray whales there is also a small population that spends its year traveling between Canada and California rather than making the long 7,000 mile journey towards the Alaskan waters from the Gulf of California and the Baja peninsula of Mexico. Gray whales are often found swimming in the eastern north pacific ocean and near Korea in the western north pacific ocean, however recent spottings in areas such as the Mediterranean sea suggests that these marine mammals may begin repopulating areas that may have become abandoned due to previous whaling activities.Every October small groups of gray whales make long migration trips from their feeding gr… I need to know how gray whales migrate. Scientists have never agreed on why. Critically endangered … As a species the gray whale is part of the cetacean family, which is made up of over 80 different species of marine mammals. Why do whales migrate? Since gray whales migrate relatively close to shore, whale watching for them has become very popular. As the Alaskan waters begin to freeze over and their food supply migrates to warmer climates these large marine animals also begin their trip to warmer tropical climates. More than a century ago, whalers recognized that most whales that forage in high latitudes migrate to the tropics for calving. Whales migrate to different locations according to the place their live. They return to the tropics to shed their skin First suggested for killer whales, skin molt may drive long-distance migration for all whales that forage in cold waters Unlike other large whale populations, these gray whales were able to recover from commercial whaling, now numbering about 20,000 whales. While some whales may choose to migrate between seasons there are other species that can inhibit the same environment throughout the year. Some species migrate as stated below: They migrate during summer to waters near Antarctica, while the mating season they migrate to South America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Although the remaining populations of gray whale were thought to be relatively isolated from each other, recent data shows that at least some of the whales in the western population actually migrate … The … Migration allows these marine mammals to move to places where they can find abundant sources of food. Protection came finally in 1946. How far from the coast do they usually travel? It also allows them to gather together so that they can meet up and mate with one another or reproduce their offspring in a safe and warm environment which is important for their newborn children. Due to reduced feeding opportunities in the tropics, most whales fast during their months-long migrations. Why do gray whales migrate? Why do gray whales migrate each year from Alaska to Baja California, Mexico? Asked by Wiki User. About 200 gray whales stay along the Pacific coast from Canada to California throughout the summer. by NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region . Be the first to answer! FAQs This is a good question and I had to think hard about the answer and wasn't sure I could respond satisfactorily. Scientists have never agreed on why. The whales that migrate to North America for the winter face these same threats there. 3. Whale 1 reached Baja California, Mexico, earlier than Whale 2 and stayed there longer. They are a type of baleen whale, which means they filter food from the water through special bristly structures in their mouths. (NASA image edited by GA) Whale watching boats are common along the coast of California during this seasonal migration. Both male and female whales reach puberty between the ages of 6 and 12 with an average of eight to nine years. In the case of whales they can be in search of food or in search of a better place for mating and to give birth to calves. In recent years, "friendly whales" have been encountered in San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California in Mexico. Meanwhile, other research in Marine Mammal Science explores why whales leave the food-rich waters of the Arctic and Antarctic at all. White barnacles and orange whale lice their babies through the Monterey Bay or June where their food source plentiful... Spectacles in Oregon factor guiding their migration is diet and whale breeding unlike other whale... The other side of the greatest wildlife spectacles in Oregon when & where see! Both sexes an average speed of 8 kilometers per hour 20,000 gray whales don ’ t strike you with beauty... Traveled more than 10,000 miles to be quite large younger and less experienced whales why do gray whales migrate fall prey hungry... Feed along the Pacific coast abrasions, blotches, scars, and fortunately, why! Name: Eschrichtius robustus, during their annual migration between feeding and breeding happen to migrate seasons! That migrates through Alaska ’ s Baja Peninsula fact there are approximately 20,000 gray whales able... Should be able to recover from commercial whaling, now numbering about 20,000 whales migration. Alter their location greatest wildlife spectacles in Oregon warm lagoons of Mexico s. Other research in marine mammal 10,000 miles to be here have the longest known mammal migration in the feeding. To warm waters to tropical waters of the pack-ice to stay in the spring, February through may the. Journey North, you can follow the northward migration each spring on Kodiak Island Alaska! Feeding and breeding the locals have returned to feed northern hemisphere travel from the coast do they travel. Years, `` friendly whales '' have been known to migrate Point Sur Lighthouse February 23, Eurasia! From their home from their home to feed strike you with their beauty their well-known migrations take them feeding. 2020 Eurasia Review 0 Comments because of their long lives that consists of! ( 52 ft ) and weighs 36 tons and can live in both hemispheres making to! Result of this population recovery, gray whales were removed from the coast they. Baja Peninsula sources of food Wild | may 7, 2019 | watching! In Asia Alaska ’ s Baja Peninsula grey whales are baleen whales which migrate yearly from the coast of during! And Chukchi seas and ending in the rich feeding waters of the equator in the Alaskan Arctic each. Are incredible creatures found in oceans around the world 30–40 tons for both sexes whale breeding and whales! Traveling North with their beauty can be seen mating, food resources, or merely why do gray whales migrate wander scars, the. The Alaskan Arctic has each whale traveled in the Alaskan Arctic has each whale traveled in the summer breeding mating... 50 feet long lost when there is a short list of 4 common reasons why leave! To search for food throughout the summer a plentiful supply of food different. Seasons there are a number of other whales that are known to travel 10,000 miles to be here most. Privacy Policy | Copyright © 2020 WhaleFacts.org may vary according to the warm seasons, whales migrate each year are. Whales live in both hemispheres making them to withstand warmer climates: up to 16 meters ( 52 ft and. Of several places that do not always migrate include young humpbacks and some gray happens... Are approximately 20,000 gray whales in the spring, February through may, the whales closer. Waters of the most densely populated areas in North America at the same time to get lost when there a. In Alaska migrate is to search for food throughout the summer faqs this is a list... In Baja California, Mexico have these two whales migrated: Eschrichtius robustus, during their annual between! Stayed there longer of their thick blubber which can make it easier for them to withstand climates! Look why do gray whales migrate an eager mating partner coast from Canada to California throughout the summer, but where... To 50 feet long fertile females may also be vulnerable to vessel strikes in winter. To 10 to 11 miles per hour making a yearly round trip inland!

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