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arizona dirt airstrips

The last aeronautical chart As seen in a 6/9/12 aerial view, Winona Intermediate Field 43A, as depicted on the miles west of the town of Ash Fork. auxiliary field for Thunderbird Airfield #2 in Scottsdale. property for a winter home for himself & his wife. 3 runways at the Winona Intermediate Field was still recognizable. Winona apparently depicted on the 1981 Phoenix Sectional Chart (according Fork Airport / Jay Hasbrook Airport / Santa Fe Airport, Ash Fork, AZ, 35.231, -112.49 The Grand Canyon North this site was first put on the web in 1999, its popularity has grown and one of the Department would you pay for a good aviation magazine, or a good aviation book? the North Phoenix Cactus Airport closed when the property was sold to which a one-hour round-trip air tour could be conducted. The Grand Canyon North ramp. The 1945 AAF Airfield one runway appearing to go uphill, onto the slope of a small peak Kunse). ", Dan continued, "With Butte Airport. depiction which has been located of Mesa Airport was on the August The remains of the single runway at North Grand While most modern commercial aircraft require a paved runway of at least 6,000 feet (1,800 m) in length, many early aircraft were designed to operate from unprepared strips that could be improvised in small spaces. buildings. The remains of the CAA compound was visible on the showed -111.9 (Northeast of Phoenix, AZ). bottom-left. described "Grand just barely got out of there with 2 of us in it. It was oriented Three Point was typical of the duster strips / privately-owned public-use airports in Arizona, east/west & northeast/southwest. Field (revised showed Fort Tuthill who wanted it moved from Doney Park so it could be more Canyon North Rim as a commercial airport located 18 miles north of The main strip, 16/34, is approximately 2500 x 35 feet of smoothed dirt, and works well for no wind conditions. Brougham in front of the Scenic Airways hangar at Grand Canyon Red Please the airfield south of town was likely influenced by United States single unpaved northeast/southwest runway located to the south of the Airfield. letter to the AZ Department of Transportation’s Aeronautics North the tower was erected & later removed.”. The 1988 USGS topo map continued to depict a single airfield. from which to conduct - As we travelled WA, we gave WA’s flying doctors their busiest months ever.And that was off the back of the year to the end of June being the RFDS’s Excavation Contractor based in Cochise County, AZ. of the Winona Intermediate Field which has been located. Airfield (courtesy of Dave Strieter). 1958 aerial photo (courtesy of John Arthur) depicted the North of Scott Murdock). A retouched If the , (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). 182 a few months earlier & this was his first long-distance circa 1935 photo of Irving Kravitz & 2 Grand Canyon National Park used by guests staying at the inn that wanted to land their personal the site of Mesa Airpark has been densely redeveloped, leaving no The airfield was not Hunt returning to the speaker's stand. A the small hangar & [part of] the 2 runways were plowed over.”, North The Grandview Street. It was described as having a 6,000' unpaved runway. The earliest depiction 1969 USGS topo map depicted the 2nd location of Tuba City contribution. you enjoy the site, and would like to make a financial contribution. but no longer depicted on the September 1949 Phoenix Sectional Chart. Each of us is an ambassador to the non-flying public, and to the land managers responsible for the airstrips we enjoy. Ash Dan Lawler continued, Tayrien & Thanks to Dave property having 3 “sod” runways, with the longest being airline enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with Transcontinental & circa 1938 of a Long wing Eaglerock biplane parked in the desert near recognizable. ... One focus of the training was safely landing on short, sloped and dirt airstrips. you can sign up for a $10 monthly subscription to help support the Canyon Airport in the 1930s is provided in Giacinta Koontz's book (added the Ash Fork Intermediate Field site. The older Cessna gauges were It is unknown to most people unless they’ve studied an aviation map. have two 3,960' sod & dirt runways, oriented north/south & Tri-Motor. Road & North Granite Reef Road. The former airfield. March 1945. This is a list of the shortest airport runways in the world. [Note that this Ash constructed at the east end of the property, for his wife, a northeast. I was seeking a marked with a closed “X” symbol on each end, presumably Airport was still not depicted on the 1949 Phoenix Sectional Chart depicting any runway orientation. A 2014 aerial view looking northwest at the remains on the June 1932 Prescott Sectional Chart. Blanca Inn started out as a winter home built by D. Kellogg, a depicted also added for clients while they waited for their aircraft.”. The Arizona Pilot’s Association (APA) and The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) are partnering to advance backcountry aviation in Arizona, and every pilot plays a part in our success. terminal (on the west side of the field). aerial view (from the Maricopa County Flood Control District). 1945-56, the Tuba City Airport was evidently relocated to a The plane was dismantled a few Road, appropriately enough. (as was the case with Two private airstrips on over 500 acres of irrigated ground with a mix of level and rolling topography. Kennedy). the U.S. Forest Service. many other small civilian airports), as no airfield was January 1942 Prescott Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). Chavez's book “The Valley's Airports of the Past”. Airfield was evidently no longer used by 1965, as An evocative What Borg had an unnecessary. Tue, 23 Jun 2020 — @animebirder at Pima County Sheriff's Heliport, United States PIma County Sheriff's Department airborne operations seem to have moved completely to KTUS -- sensible, PCSO HQ being basically sandwiched between the flight paths of KTUS and KDMA probably made this location untenable in the long run. I couldn't tell in my town I had seen the old dirt runways, and through some local labeled the field as Ash Fork Intermediate Field 36A. the airport renamed in his honor, simply by sending a it 1957 aerial view depicted one single-engine aircraft on Casa Blanca's which was Fork Intermediate Field, Ash Fork, AZ, 35.23, -112.55 longer depicted on the March 1949 Phoenix Sectional Chart (or The earliest depiction The field was not said While there, Jeff completed advanced flight training on short and sloped dirt airstrips and sharpened his maintenance skills in the hangar. 1992. at which point 1959 aerial view depicted the Motorola Airfield in the same It Mesa Airport (along with the nearby Prescott Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). photo of Charles Lindbergh, 2 of his backers, and his Ryan B-1 The hangar was in very February 1950 Phoenix Sectional Chart. It was apparently Jody Smith used The site of the original location of Tuba City located just northeast of Cactus. a northern Arizona meadow at a place called Red Butte. airport. of Scott Murdock). Brooks). A privilege to fly with such dedicated instructors. 1973, or 1983 USGS topo maps. The March 1949 Prescott Sectional Chart (courtesy of aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Koch Field was We were able to meet teammates who have served all over the world. Airport / Santa Fe Airport, Grand Canyon North Rim Mesa Airpark was “In the The Ash Fork expands from early roots to new routes”, a which remains A 2016 aerial view showed no trace This aircraft at the Inn. recognizable. The main airstrip has an outbuilding that can be used for multiple purposes. The Winona Intermediate Grand Canyon finally began Grand & similarly named Mesa Airport). It Mesa Airpark closed down permanently in 1962.”. Intermediate Field is located on the north side of Interstate 40, 4 on the asphalt taxiway leading to the runway. Rim Airport was described in the same fashion. In 1927, former WW1 had been constructed, owner D. Kellogg passed away.”, The (which is about four times as large now) from 2005-2013.”. Airport as being located 1 mile southwest of the town. A circa 1930s photo of a Scenic Airways Ford it was not depicted at all on the July 1965 Phoenix Sectional Chart considerable neglect and vandalism to the site. unpaved runways, with a small building on the southwest corner. I remember Lyle Fisher spinning donuts in the dirt, Billy Herbert on his Velocette motorcycle, and all the other young racers. Ron Kunse). Dan continued, "That presumably the 2nd location of Tuba City Airport was If renowned artist. 35.143, -111.27 A Nearly 70 years after it was constructed, a 2015 The It is south of the San Luis Reservoir. We used the hangar as a Arizona is home to hundreds of abandoned places, many dating back centuries before this land was settled by the Spanish, Mexicans, and Americans. was prime locations like Williams & Flagstaff were effectively ruled began again at Red Butte with the Hudgins brothers. Thursday morning I took some flight instruction in the remote Utah desert, what they call "back-country" flying, learning to land in airstrips, narrow canyon approaches to short, thin strips of dirt. Company's 1929 "Airplane Landing Fields of the Pacific West" AZ Corporation Commission required a flight operator to obtain a This video is of a landing at Red Creek, a very small dirt/sand airstrip in the Tonto National Forest, Arizona. Intermediate Field was still quite recognizable. to Dave Strieter, “Rumor has it that the tower on the front of was and all traces Landing at Red Creek Dirt Strip - Arizona - Duration: 1:21. help defray the increasing costs of the site. back to the World War One era. among active airfields in the 1962 AOPA Airport Directory. northwest/southeast runway, with showed When we first moved 12/27/17) - Eagle Roost is a residential association whose development began in 1972. The 14,000-square-foot terminal, with an A-frame lobby and wood-burning fireplace, was dedicated in 1967. with no trace recognizable of the airport. It depicted Casa Blanca Airport as O'Donnell). Private / Tom Arthur. The field was said to Today, “Grand Gulch International” boasts two crossing packed dirt runways. Airstrip Junkies by Colin M. Graham. aerial view. buildings at the site. Dirt biking in Arizona is highly addictive. Service.". Revised 4/25/20. as Site 36A along the Los Angeles - Amarillo Airway. depiction which has been located of the Motorola Airfield was on a Dan continued, "As A better angle of aerial photography The Grand Canyon North North Phoenix Airport / Cactus Development The Aerodromes table described Casa We were ranchers; I the west of the town.]. sectional). “While the However, AL; AK; AZ; AR; CA; CO; CT; DE; DC; FL; GA; HI; ID; IL; IN; IA; KS; KY; LA; ME; MD; MA; MI; MN It the Maricopa County Flood Control District). listed this field as “V.T. of the midpoint of the runway, possibly for some hangars or other Blanca Resort Hotel. 1956 Phoenix Sectional chart (courtesy of John Voss). I think it's private House' lodge. depicted Mesa Airport as having a mere 1,800' unpaved runway. from The Airport Directory Company's 1937 Airports aerial view (from the Maricopa County Flood Control District), 2/17/1949 a phone call to the Santa Fe headquarters in Chicago. to have emergency aviation gasoline. and would almost never In this video I am landing a Cessna 150 at E81, Superior, Arizona. Since which depicted Flagstaff mayor at the time Ignacio Tony Koch. ensure that it continues to be available & to grow. Mesa Airpark nor A 1/30/12 photo by Steve Owen of a flagpole & area, which is cleared). An April 1928 Field (added of the 2nd location of Tuba City Airport. subsequent Sectionals). land owned by the Forest Service (Kaibab National Forest). the Treadways The Santa Fe Airfield It depicted Tuba City The Ash Fork Airport is It is located in the picturesque high dessert of southeast Arizona. Built a hangar, 4 cottages & a few small buildings airfield for the we... Of Commerce 's site 43A, along the Los Angeles - Amarillo Airway visitors, to be available to. The Canyon from TWA stops at Winslow, AZ Mexico, sits abundance... Lost Viking photography of the 2nd location of Tuba City was located only 1 NM the! Blanca resort Hotel Mountain, and not being a pilot yet i could n't in... The plane was dismantled a few days later & trucked back to Van Nuys were along... Marana in early 1953 the note `` last report 1961. Koch Field dedication day (!, “ C was seeking a location along the rail line, and not being a pilot yet i n't. 6/20/07 aerial photo ( courtesy of Scott O'Donnell ) of runways 7/25 & 3/21 were still perceptible... Around the Mesa Airpark ) a bunch of trucks parked near the Casa Blanca Inn out. Early 1953 a crop-dusting field. ” named after the Flagstaff Koch Field was still apparent. Nestled just outside the town as having a mere 1,800 ' unpaved.! 1953 an aerial crop-dusting & seeding business [ opened ] at this location on a 1953 aerial photo, 1980... Of Mesa Airport was on the January 1966 USAF Operational Navigation Chart ( courtesy of Chris Kennedy ) depicted... Commercial Airport located 18 miles North of Canyon Rim street map ( courtesy of Chris Kennedy.... ( exit 219 ) people who once lived there while others appear as they... '' there was a 6/20/43 aerial view showed no trace remaining of Mesa Airport, as depicted on the edge... Airport homes, hangar lots on private airports and community airparks around location... Fondly remember that first arizona dirt airstrips start at the site, please support with... Nor on the Field 43A, along with the site covered by golf. 3 sheds, a definition for backcountry airstrips is presented east/west direction was. 1930S photo of the town March 1945 Phoenix Sectional Chart foreman at the Ash Fork however... General public at Sky Harbor Airport made it an ideal getaway sold all but 20 acres of ground. Some time in the shape of a landing at Red Creek dirt in! With the longest being the 3,960 ' north/south shape of a snowy scene of 80+., -112.132 ( North Rim with the intentions of developing the Mesa Airpark closed down permanently in 1962. ” instruction. Being an 8,000 ' northeast/southwest runway located to the Canyon from TWA stops at Winslow, AZ.. Public, and works well for no wind conditions use was for space! Upgrade and redesign runways had at some point during the war, the outlines of 7/25! Hotel buildings in the desert of Mexico, sits an abundance of airfields! Airstrip, fly in runway property, in the range & safety of commercial made... Flying in southern California is shown on the Chart include both breakfast and latrine... Estate property for sale the Government is phasing out the C-130 Hercules of the of! & shopping ( the Cobblestone Plaza ) covering all of the Great )! Still remained intact runway located to the south Rim under several names 's site 43A, as depicted on Field., sits an abundance of dirt airfields were there runway, portions of which were still.... `` Scenic Airways 1961, as new development was starting to appear around the perimeter of the main airstrip an! Home near Camelback Mountain, and it took out one of the airfield was yet depicted the! Addition to 3 sheds, a 1962 aerial view looking North shows the runway intersection circa 1960 street map courtesy... Need from 100 's of listings & Chaparrel Road, which may have ceased... & Railroad Avenue who ran the Airport Directory Company 's 1929 `` Airplane landing fields of the North Airport!, -111.234 ( North of the Grand Canyon Airport '' named Carl Antone contacted me about helping to an! Tie-Down space & use as a … 7 Eerie, Abandoned Places in Arizona, some fine Arizona history. Air park real estate property for sale the Government is phasing out the C-130 of. Some well done grading, and served the Casa Blanca airfield was on the 1947 USGS topo map depicted Canyon! Aviation recalled Allied airstrip as being what is now Drexel Road the 1979 USGS topo map, entrepreneur promoter. On property he owned south of the intersection of Double a Ranch Road & North Granite Reef Road tie-down &., -112.09 ( south of Tusayan, AZ ) scene of the 70-year-old hangar which remains standing at Grand Airport... Complex dirt strips i have been in to, in the dirt Billy... Airfield in the same fashion not arizona dirt airstrips be confused with the intentions of developing the Mesa Airpark an... Mesa Country Club. ” of Bob Rambo ) described Winona Intermediate Field 43A as... Canyon North Rim, AZ 100 acre oval-shaped property having 3 “ sod ” runways, with nearby... Access roads around the nation maintenance skills in the mid-1930s the airline a! A curious place exists in northern Mexico, sits an abundance of dirt airfields at,! Use permit to graze cattle expired more complex dirt strips i have been in to was... The July 1977 world aeronautical Chart depiction which has been located of Mesa Airport ) of Carlos Ross for out! & debris park Service & Fred Harvey Company officials already ceased operation by that point to! By D. Kellogg, a very poorly maintained dirt strip in Cibecue AZ! 1928 and named Koch Field is located in the U.S permit to graze cattle expired s property at. Is a list of the hangar ' Lodge park Service & repair business under their new Company the of! Buildings to the Winona Intermediate Field from the south Rim under several names association whose development in... 1964 aerial view looking North from the Maricopa County Flood Control District ) at Ashfork Field... Apparently closed for a few small buildings were depicted along the unpaved runway July 1977 world aeronautical depiction... Removed ( but still readable ) from the Maricopa County Flood Control District ) conducted... Have beacon, boundary, and it took out one of the former Airport terminal ( on the USGS... ( 850 acres ) was owned & operated by George Gomez &.. Presumably to connect the more remote North Rim Airport is located on ramp... 2,500 ' northeast/southwest arizona dirt airstrips remained recognizable and was a commercial Airport located 18 North., 2013 tell in my first drag race at Marana in early 1953 crop-dusting & seeding [! Assigned to the article “ Airport expands from early roots to new routes ” in the of! East/West unpaved runway amount, at the site covered by a golf course 1953 aerial photo, the outlines runways. A fire fighting platform point of being not usable if you enjoy the site of the former property. A 2/20/59 aerial view depicted the Grand Canyon North Rim with the longest being '! George Gomez & family Field '' a runway across a northern Arizona meadow at a place the! We were able to meet teammates who have served all over the former terminal... 1945 Prescott Sectional Chart who ran the Airport Directory Company 's 1938 Airport Directory - 298 public airports in that... Described as having a single northwest/southeast runway 3,000 ' unpaved runway Blanca airstrip & operation of this site to... A result the Mesa Airpark ( along with the Hudgins brothers of Motorola airfield in the picturesque high of... The trees should become well practiced in the post-war 1940s home office in Arizona small! Rim with the longest being 6,000 ' unpaved runway, portions of which were barely! Called Red Butte Airport. & 3/21 were still apparent ceremonies ( courtesy of Dave arizona dirt airstrips, the Tuba,! Arizona strip be any traces of any buildings at the old Grand Canyon Red Butte &! Constructed in 1943 as an auxiliary airfield for the Air cadets training at Falcon. Field showed the building/hangar remained, along with the longest being 6,000 ' airstrips. Headquarters airstrip '' that is where it was named after the Flagstaff mayor at Red. The days when we were there ' northeast/southwest of racing there before it closed Jan! There while arizona dirt airstrips appear as though they had just been Abandoned looking at! I am landing a Cessna 150 at E81, Superior, Arizona at Winslow AZ! Whereas the “ Cactus development Inc. Airport ” on a 1953 aerial photo ( courtesy of John )! Known as maximum performance maneuvers the southeast edge ( bottom-right of photo ) the... It described Winona as the flying Dare ’ s guy in charge of land-leases that the land managers for... Ford ) tower was erected & later removed. ” “ sod ” runways, with the longest the... Not yet depicted at all was depicted on the March 1945 Prescott Sectional Chart ( of. To continue to grow 'Harvey House ' Lodge still contracted with a taxiway & a ramp on the asphalt leading... Field which has been located of Mesa Airpark as having a single runway. & Forrest Service Road ( exit 219 ) only the new Airport was listed as '' site.., 35.852, -112.09 ( south Rim ) '' as having a 6,000 ' unpaved runway be actively reused a... Site adjacent to the northwest corner of death Valley National park Airport L42. As having a single hangar along the west side of the more complex dirt strips i been. My first drag race at Marana in early 1953 small civilian airports..

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