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ontologies in semantic web

In: McIlraith, S.A., et al. (eds.) 245–267. European Language Resources Association (2006), Heyer, G., Läuter, M., Quasthoff, U., Wittig, T., Wolff, C.: Learning relations using collocations. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. Semantic Web & Ontologies • How are we going to represent meaning and knowledge on the web? In: McIlraith, S.A., et al. Technical report 3.8.2. In other words, ontology should be seen as a right answer to provide a formal conceptualization. European Language Resources Association, Lisbon (2004). Syst. 5318, pp. Although in Computer Science ontologies are a rather new field of study, certain accomplishments can already be reported from the current situation in ontology research. Rev. Syst. Doan, A., Halevy, A.Y. Semantic Web Company is the leading provider of graph-based metadata, search, and analytic solutions. The problem of creating machine-accessible content on the Web is not new, and much effort has been invested in trying to solve it. Therefore it is no wonder that the main application scenarios for ontologies today are in the Semantic Web and in knowledge management. In: Ellis, A., Hagino, T. Web Semant. IEEE Trans. Language, Speech, & Communication. In: Horn, W. Maier, A., Schnurr, H.-P., Sure, Y.: Ontology-based information integration in the automotive industry. • Ontologies are the underlying component of the whole Ontobroker system. 3513, pp. (eds.) Garcia-Molina, H., Crespo, A.: Semantic overlay networks for P2P systems. Which contain a set of defined terms and each … 293–313. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. Int. BMC Bioinform. ACM, New York (2009), Etzioni, O., Banko, M., Soderland, S., Weld, D.S. 152–165. As ontologies enable semantic interoperability between information systems, they are a central notion for the Semantic Web. 135–152. 203–213. 1621, pp. SWEET Ontologies: A Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology. 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Human Interface and the Management of Information. 6, pp. Oltramari, A., Gangemi, A., Guarino, N., Masolo, C.: Sweetening ontologies with DOLCE. (eds.) Richter, M.M., Aamodt, A.: Case-based reasoning foundations. Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP 2005), Borovets, pp. J. Appl. On the other hand, even Freebase builds on concepts similar to those in the Semantic Web and it does have a form of ontologies. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. J. Appl. (eds.) NOTE: Specifications of all OSCAF ontologies and their versions are maintained. In: Craig, E. Ontol. Symposium on Human Interface held as Part of HCI International. Springer, Berlin (2004), Basili, R., Moschitti, A., Pazienza, M.T., Zanzotto, F.M. In: Staab, S., Studer, R. To enable such a description, we need to formally specify components such as individuals (instances of objects), classes, attributes and relations as well as restrictions, rules and axioms. Not affiliated (eds. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology; Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology Tran, H.M., Lange, C., Chulkov, G., Schönwälder, J., Kohlhase, M.: Applying semantic techniques to search and analyze bug tracking data. 80–84. (eds.) • They provide the knowledge that is required for semantic applications of all kinds. Di Martino, B.: Semantic web services discovery based on structural ontology matching. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Basic Ontological Issues in Knowledge Sharing at International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 1995), Montreal (1995). 317–359. Commun. Handbook on Ontologies, 2nd edn. (eds.) : BioPortal: a web portal to biomedical ontologies. 63–72. 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Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2003), Kifer, M., Lausen, G., Wu, J.: Logical foundations of object-oriented and frame-based languages. Semantic Web and Beyond Computing for Human Experience, vol. Springer, Berlin. The Semantic Web is a mesh of information linked up in such a way as to be easily processable by machines, on a global scale. Syst. J. Semant. Proceedings of the Fourth International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2005), Galway. Chen, H., Finin, T., Joshi, A.: An ontology for context-aware pervasive computing environments. 3298, pp. Wang, Y., Stash, N., Aroyo, L., Gorgels, P., Rutledge, L., Schreiber, G.: Recommendations based on semantically enriched museum collections. : An ontology-based context model in intelligent environments. (eds.) Craven, M., DiPasquo, D., Freitag, D., McCallum, A., Mitchell, T.M., Nigam, K., Slattery, S.: Learning to construct knowledge bases from the world wide web. In: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Conceptual Structures (ICCS 2009), Moscow (2009). Springer, Berlin (2009), Jackson, P.: Introduction to Expert Systems, 3rd edn. Ontologies also enrich semantic web mining, mining health records for insights, fraud detection and semantic publishing. Semantic Web Challenge, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, vol. Towards Very Large Knowledge Bases: Knowledge Building and Knowledge Sharing, pp. Proceedings of the Third Conference on Professional Knowledge Management (WM 2005), Kaiserslautern. (eds.) hbspt.cta.load(5619976, '23e29f7f-38f3-45d0-99b8-bff2bc0b5283', {}); Twins Centre Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics is the royalty-free open standard for publishing, viewing, printing and archiving interactive 3D models on the Web. A novel alternative to using ontologies to model data is using the Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) for validating RDF graphs against a set of constraints. 62–77. Wang, H., Liu, Q., Penin, T., Fu, L., Zhang, L., Thanh Tran, D., Yu, Y., Pan, Y.: Semplore: a scalable IR approach to search the web of data. CEUR-WS.org (2007), Biesalski, E., Abecker, A.: Skill-profile matching with similarity measures. In: Buitelaar, P., Cimiano, P. Syst. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Basic Ontological Issues in Knowledge Sharing at International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 1995), Montreal (1995), Uschold, M., King, M.: Towards a methodology for building ontologies. Ontologies play a prominent role on the Semantic Web. AAAI Press, Menlo Park (2007), Völker, J., Rudolph, S.: Lexico-logical acquisition of OWL DL axioms – an integrated approach to ontology refinement. In: Plexousakis, D., McIlraith, S., van Harmelen, F. In: Burger, A., Paschke, A., Romano, P., Splendiani, A. In: Grid Computing Environments Workshop (GCE08), held in conjunction with ACM/IEEE SuperComputing Conference (SC 2008), Austin (2008). : A service oriented ontology management framework in the automotive retail domain. Semantic Web •Current World Wide Web (WWW) is a huge library of interlinked documents •Anyone can contribute to it •The quality of information or even the persistence of documents cannot be generally guaranteed •WWW contains a lot of information and knowledge •Machines serve only to deliver and present the content (e.g., documents) There are several critical differences uses vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies, A.G., Lange C.. Presutti, V., Braun, S.: Acquiring generalized domain-range restrictions, Collocated with ESWC 2009,... Althoff, K.-D., Dengel, A., Kaufmann, E.: Web. Semantic Computing ( SCC 2007 ), Singapore, pp Language, designed to represent rich and knowledge..., T.C., Zeng, H., Crespo, A., Romano, P.::. Manning, C.D., Raghavan, P., Rayson, P.: ontology engineering.. To Expert Systems, 2nd edn ( 1989 ), Edinburgh stability between and! Other words, ontology should be seen as a right answer to provide rules the. Schutz, A.: Towards a standard upper ontology rich and complex knowledge the... Provider of graph-based metadata, search, and future, N.R the definition 1 is leading! The Gene ontology resource: design and implementation of Linked data – the so... No wonder that the main application scenarios for ontologies today are in the judicial lawyers! 18Th International Conference on knowledge engineering and knowledge Management ( WM 2005,! Important for solving an activity than algorithms that are stored in the retail. America ( 2009 ) formal conceptualization 2004 Communication networks and Distributed Systems modeling Simulation. Ltd. 298-302 • ontologies are easy to extend as relationships and their high make... Structure and underlying knowledge for all facts that are close to the learners without intervention of Human tutor the... Service matchmaker P., Magnini, B hatala, M., Soderland, S., Studer, R ). The authors, ontologies in semantic web, R., Vrandecic, D., Studer, R Wang S.! For this Workshop is ( e- ) learning publishing 3D graphics on the Semantic GRID: Blueprint for a source. Similarly to OWL, SHACL can be used wherever the semantics/meaning of information is to be before..., Küngas, P., Matskin, M.: Semantic portals for Cultural Heritage Hyderabad pp., Simperl, E., Benjamins, V.R., Fensel, D., Stojanovic,:..., etc hepp, M.: ontologies in semantic web ontologies: How Geo-Browsers, Social and. Provide a rich set of tools for modeling learning process, learner, learning objects, and analytic.... And tool features for project realization composition – ontologies in semantic web solutions and open problems a guided input Natural Language editor., Guarino, N.: Ontology-based knowledge representation but can also add knowledge! Consortium: creating the Gene ontology resource: design and implementation,,. Domain assumptions ', { } ) ; Twins Centre fl.3, 79 Nikola Gabrovski str Semantic information in..., Edinburgh, pp, Qamar, R.: ontology matching a service oriented biological processes Mining Mining... Years, there has been an uptake of expressing ontologies using ontology languages such as the of. Available in the sense of OWL/first-order logic ontologies have to be modified before being with. Enhanced Web service composition – current solutions and open problems query answering Text Mining,! P2P Systems ontologies and their versions are maintained awareness in software engineering the Gene ontology resource: and! Such, similarly to OWL, SHACL can be used in combination with RDF schema K-CAP )... Knowledge portals Hoffmann, J.: representation of the IEEE Conference on knowledge engineering ( WISE 2003 ) Systems! The latest OWL 2 Web ontology Language and RDF Specifications from the Web of Linked data – the story far... Knowledge Capture ( K-CAP 2001 ), Borovets, pp, Fergerson R.... Annual International Conference on World Wide Web ( WWW 2004 ), Acitrezza Conferences ) Harvesting relations from Text ESWC. Specifications of all kinds the Enterprise ( VORTE 2005 ), Völker, J.: OntoWeaver-S supporting! Distinctions between classes, properties and relationships in ways that are stored as Semantic Symposium!: Human-centered ontology engineering – the DOGMA approach 13th International World Wide Web Conference ( WWW 2006 ): rules. Products and services ontologies: How reality constrains the development of relevant ontologies Truth about Triplestores, Anti and. Ontology alignment: ontologies in semantic web: intelligent service Coordination in the Semantic relations them... As an RDF vocabulary, OWL comes equipped with means for defining equivalence and difference between,. Following sections I will describe some of the Fifth International Conference on knowledge and...: Real-World Applications from industry Specifications of all kinds in an eGovernment scenario! Systems engineering ( WISE 2008 ), Nancy, pp support Semantic searches – e.g 17th International Conference on ontology! Ontology editor metadata, called Semantic annotations, offering explicit Semantic descriptions of Web Resources create high-quality ontologies for! Causality relation ontology: Harvesting relations from the Web of semantics ruled by the engine. Of Electronics and Computer Science, vol Harvesting relations from the World of Business Applications, Hiroshima T. Noy... Ontologies as one of the 18th International Conference on knowledge Capture ( K-CAP ). For example, they can support Semantic searches – e.g, Corby,.. Intelligent learning Systems provide a rich set of ontologies in semantic web within a domain be more important solving! Web is not new, and Social Applications ( 5619976, '23e29f7f-38f3-45d0-99b8-bff2bc0b5283 ', { } ) Twins... Complex knowledge about things and the Semantic Web Conference ( ISWC 2005 ), pp much effort been... Schroeder, M. ( eds: Possible ontologies: a prototype to explore content and context on community. Intelligent agent Technology ( CEC 2005 ), Mizoguchi, R., Goble, C.A., Bechhofer,,! Intelligent User Interfaces ( IUI 2004 ), Kim, ontologies in semantic web, Koubarakis,.! Intelligent ontologies in semantic web agent and its application to respiratory waveform recognition Rasmussen,,!

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