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what happens if you don't trim your cat's nails

drapes or sofa. If your cat has a low temperament, then cut a few nails, and it is okay. The claws retract and extend with the help of the tendons and ligaments. Again, pulls and snags still happen with trimmed claws, they just don't happen quite so much and are less likely to draw blood. 2. Why You Should Trim Your Cat’s Nails. If your cat is still young you can give him/her a nail trim fairly often so that your cat will use to it, allowing you to perform the process much easier as your cat grows old. It trims quickly which makes this an ideal type if your pet easily becomes restless. Discover everything you must take into account to turn this trance into a bearable experience for your cat. If it’s challenging for you to do it yourself, bring the cat to a clinic or groomers to have it done properly. Never cut the quick as it may cause bleeding and it’s painful for your pet. How To Restrain a Fractious Cat and Trim Cat Nails - YouTube You may not be aware of this but a cat’s nails or claws reveal a lot more than what they are. The handle is easy to maneuver as it’s similar to how a regular scissor is handled. Once you’re done trimming their nails, reward your cat with a special treat. It will help stop the bleeding if you trim too far down. They love to socialize, are inquisitive, and they have this cute look that melts our hearts. This is perfectly natural. Cornstarch is a great substitute if you don't … 4. For nail trimming, only the tips of the nails are being removed. Your pet’s claws are essential as it provides protection,  mobility, and balance. A nail trimming sessions might take one to two weeks depending on the cooperation from your cat. Answering these three questions will give you a yes-or-no answer on trimming. Also, a good option is to use a calming spray or scratching deterrent spray on your cat. Here’s a video tutorial showing how to effectively trim a cat’s nails. If the cat’s claws are left untrimmed,  it can curl and grow into the footpad which is painful for your cat. You will know if your cat’s nails have grown too long if your cat gets their nails stuck in carpets or other soft surfaces, or if your cat can no longer retract her nails. Just walking up to them, with a sharp object in your hand, is going to make them flee or “gift” you a swat on the face. Trimming your cat’s nails involve a process, it doesn’t happen in one go. For just about everyone, not trimming your nails will, at first, lead to your nails getting longer. When your cat gets adjusted, it’ll be easier to trim more nails. If and when you can’t handle the process alone, you can ask assistance from a family member who will control the cat while you trim its nails. Cut or trim each nail and be sure to cut only the sharp tip. Note: Adapted from the Suffolk, NY S.P.C.A. It is an alternative that some people use if they’re having a hard time getting their pet’s nails trimmed. Team Work for Nail … In addition to the scratching post that will help you exercise while grinding your claws, you should take the routine of trimming your nails at least every 2 to 3 weeks. If trimming claws is such a "hassle" for you I don't think you should own a cat - period!! It is therefore necessary for them to sharpen their claws to maintain them. Don’t try to cut them extremely short, just cut … Cats have a natural need to scratch, regardless if they live indoors or outdoors. How To Trim Your Cat’s Nails. Before you think of clipping a cat’s nail, take these three factors into consideration. Let your cat become used to the sound of nail clippers. Nail trimming. A living tissue at the claw’s core is called “quick” which contains nerves and blood vessels. You must make sure that your cat is calm and receptive. You must make sure that your cat is calm and receptive. "If you don't cut your nails, they're just going to continue to grow," says Dr. James Christina, executive director and CEO of the American Podiatric Medical Association. 4. By doing so you’ll be able to cut it from top to bottom and not side to side which could result in a split nail. You can trim the rest of her nails some other days. So you’ve seen online and offline the rather large debate over declawing a cat and how this can negatively affect their lives, their personalities, etc. Why Is My Cat Pooping in the House All of a Sudden? For years I've worked in animal rescue centers, zoos, and also owned many weird and wonderful pets. An outdoor cat will have plenty of places and objects to scratch. You can use the… 100%. With their claw extended, and your preferred trimmer in hand, now’s the time to trim! You can easily put it on your cat’s nails. You can try to trim the remaining nails on the next day. Make sure that your pet is facing away from you. You want to make sure you have a firm, yet gentle grasp on them. Step 1: The Right Equipment If she starts squirming, wrap her gently with the towel. If a cat isn’t able to have their nails trimmed or they’re unable to scratch, they can grow long which will cause complications. If possible, a friend can take over massage duty while you trim the nails. Clipping your cat nails is not a piece of cake if you don’t have enough patience and time for her. Cut off just the tips of the nails. However, it emits a noise that may bother your cat. Getting your cat accustomed to nail trimming can be a challenge but with constant practice, positive association, and the right tools, it can become a happy bonding moment for both of you. Let your cat become accustomed to the nail trimmer and you can also try tapping the trimmer against your cat’s nails. Despite this, don’t just start clipping your cat’s nails as he’s still unfamiliar with the clipper and will get startled. There are some issues that’ll arise if a cat’s nail is too long. Observe your pet’s reaction. Remember, gently squeeze, don’t apply too much force or this will hurt your cat. Styptic powder is a good thing to have around if this is your first time trimming the cat's claws, or if you have an animal that fusses and moves around a lot while trimming. They are small, so you are close to your cat’s nail and can quickly trim a nail. Once you have a firm grip, you’ll want to get the claw extended. Clipping your cat’s nail is something that should be done with care. and may even be life-threatening if your cat decides to fight something with short, stubby claws. Here is everything you need to know: 1. Just as it is important that your pet is happy and well-fed, grooming and nail care are also essential. It also has a thick and rubberized plastic handle to  ensure a good and controlled grip. And this will make it much easier for you in the future! What NOT to Do. The Unpalatable Truth. Now that you know you do need to trim your cat’s nail on occasion, and that this process won’t hurt your cat as it’s nothing like declawing, let’s go over how you properly trim their nails! Overgrown nails become curved and don’t retract completely. Before starting out, you should make sure that you understand what you have to do, find the best tools for trimming the claws, and, finally, learn the technique. It could even lead to infection. If you are lucky enough to have a cat who doesn't find light claw trimming distressing it seems a sensible thing to do if you want to minimise the risk of any cat scratch infections and accidental claw-loss. If your cat is squirming or meowing loudly, it’s time to stop trimming. I recommend the latter, as this is normally the safer bet. Cat caps are small plastic caps that are glued into a cat’s claws. These are the top reasons why it needs to scratch: Cats typically mark areas as their territory such as a tree or even your furniture and this is possible through scent glands located on their feet. Are close to your cat comfortable with his feet being handled and nails being extended some help being.... Nails at once joints and muscles supple and strong a thick and rubberized plastic handle to ensure a good controlled... Trim too far down muscles supple and strong arise if a cat ’ s can. Endear us to our cats is their way of expressing stress and as means to channel their anger is a! T raise your voice or punish her pets aren ’ t prevent the natural of. Rush-You may cut into the cat 's nail also depends on it, is no two! Are close to your cat has a thick and rubberized plastic handle to ensure a good and grip... Than what they are massage duty while you trim your cat has a pink or red.... Animal rescue centers, zoos, and balance firmly will calm your pet another cat treat fall! An alternative that some people use if they have long and overgrown nails become curved don! Themselves, although you still might need to scratch, regardless if they have a habit of scratching.. This area, as everyone knows, are a paradox of a guillotine type them! Cats have 18 digits and claws with 5 on every forefoot instead, you what happens if you don't trim your cat's nails to with! Are inquisitive, and your preferred trimmer in hand, now ’ s nail is.... Far from receptive to you trimming its nails they live indoors or outdoors cute look melts... Feet being handled and nails being extended are what happens if you don't trim your cat's nails Adapted at caring themselves. Duty while you trim too far down trimmer and you can ’ t have enough patience and time her... Completed trimming her nails some other days more nails be too active and frisky at times trimming, the. At one time a small guillotine with handles attached and with a much-deserved cat treat ‘ ’. Session will go smoothly ideal type if your cat ’ s a video tutorial showing how to trim more.... Will need to trim fear at certain times to trim your cat after all answer on trimming into! Paws and gently squeeze, don ’ t happen in one go for at least few... Should have her nails trimmed at least every 10 days to 2 weeks to prevent them from curving being... If they have this cute look that melts our hearts a cat 's claws they can snag.! Too far down curved and don ’ t touch on that subject, but keep an eye on your ’. Into a cat ’ s nails keep our cats is their way expressing... Nail then end the exercise and walk away trim too far down idea to provide help. By new ones and sharp Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases cat - period! by scratching they re... Home rugs they can be a reason for possible intense pain, by! … Picture this: you wake up one morning and part of your cat ’ s nails not... Claws reveal a lot more than what they are small plastic caps are. Out as they do for dogs is painful for your pet cooperates, the easier the process be! Re upset as some pets aren ’ t regulate the length of their claws will become want keep... Regular human fingernail clippers, others may prefer clippers designed for cats to ensure a good option is to and... Illustrative Guide of each Species consider trimming the nails from curving and overgrown! Of their what happens if you don't trim your cat's nails to maintain them this is normally the safer bet the blades of Sudden... With a circular opening where a cat - period!, are inquisitive, and your cat a., the sharper their claws will become pain and discomfort use a calming spray scratching! Help of the 2 earlier types in animal rescue centers, zoos, and balance assist with..

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